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ZF Unveils TraXon 2 Hybrid, Pioneering the Future of Commercial Vehicle Mobility

Friedrichshafen, Germany – ZF’s Commercial Vehicles Solutions (CVS) division has once again demonstrated its leadership in commercial vehicle technology with the announcement of the TraXon 2 Hybrid transmission. This innovation is set to further the transition towards decarbonized mobility by enabling commercial vehicle operators to significantly reduce carbon emissions while retaining the performance benefits of combustion engines.

Drawing on its extensive experience in hybrid technology for passenger cars, ZF has leveraged its R&D capabilities to create cost-effective solutions for commercial vehicles. The CVS division’s ability to develop and produce key technologies across various mobility applications positions ZF as a leader in the industry.

“In developing the TraXon 2 Hybrid, we demonstrate how synergies across our divisions enable us to address customer needs swiftly and flexibly, creating viable, cost-effective technologies to decarbonize commercial vehicles efficiently,” said Professor Dr. Peter Laier, Member of the ZF Board of Management and responsible for the Commercial Vehicle Solutions Division. “This positions ZF as a strong and reliable partner, setting the pace of transformation with a very flexible portfolio and production capability.”

ZF’s broad product portfolio caters to the diverse needs of commercial vehicle manufacturers and fleet operators. From the vehicle motion control system cubiX to the next generation of electric drives, ZF continues to innovate across its divisions. This capability allows ZF to offer solutions for smarter, safer, and more sustainable vehicles. This strength contributed to the CVS division’s impressive performance in 2023, achieving 20% organic growth, significantly outperforming the market’s 15% growth.

Towards Zero Emissions

ZF is advancing electrification in commercial vehicle applications with its E-Mobility Kit, which includes central drives like CeTrax 2 and CeTrax 2 dual, as well as electric axles like AxTrax 2, AxTrax 2 dual, and AxTrax 2 LF. These components enable manufacturers to produce zero-emission electric vehicles. The AxTrax 2 can be integrated into trailers, converting ICE-powered truck-trailer combinations into hybrids and extending the range of electric vehicles. This concept, pending regulatory approval, can reduce fuel emissions by up to 16%, and up to 40% with the plug-in variant.

At the ZF Global Technology Day, the company also showcased its innovative Braking and e-Drive Synergy Program, which optimizes the connection between the electric drive and the EBS brake control. This system enhances recuperation, increases vehicle range, and enables smoother launch capabilities.

With these advancements, ZF continues to drive innovation in the commercial vehicle sector, shaping the future of transportation and leading the way towards a more sustainable, decarbonized mobility landscape.

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