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Sydney Sweeney Accelerates Dreams with a Mustang Makeover for a Fan-Tastic Ride!

In an electrifying collaboration that’s revving up the auto and entertainment worlds, Ford has announced a partnership with the dazzlingly multifaceted actress and car aficionado Sydney Sweeney. This dynamic duo is setting the stage to gift a fan the keys to a custom-designed 2024 Ford Mustang GT, masterminded by Sweeney herself.

Sweeney, known for her roles on screen as well as her passion for classic cars, dove into the design process with gusto, channeling inspiration from her beloved 1965 Mustang, affectionately dubbed Britney. The result? A dream car that marries vintage vibes with contemporary flair, destined to make one lucky fan’s automotive fantasies a reality.

“It’s heartening to see Ford celebrate individuals who break the mold to follow their passions. Collaborating on my dream car design was a thrill, and I’m buzzing with excitement to share a twin Mustang with someone special,” shared an enthusiastic Sweeney.

The contest, launching today, invites fans to showcase their stereotype-defying spirit. Entrants have until Feb. 7, 2024, to throw their hat in the ring via Ford’s Instagram or TikTok, where the full contest details await.

Laurie Transou, the Mustang’s chief engineer, praised Sweeney’s contribution, noting, “Sydney encapsulates the Mustang ethos—edgy, disruptive, irresistibly charming. Her design perfectly captures the spirit that Mustang enthusiasts cherish.”

As Ford commemorates the Mustang’s 60th anniversary, it’s pulling out all the stops by assembling two bespoke Mustangs: one for Sweeney and another for the contest’s victor. Sweeney’s design vision brings together the nostalgic elegance of her Brittany Blue 1965 Mustang with modern aesthetics, featuring a Robin’s Egg Blue exterior, chrome rims, and personalized touches that reflect her unique style, including a signature engine emblem and color-changing LED starlit headliner.

Sweeney’s roots in a family of Spokane, Washington, mechanics, and her pandemic-era restoration projects have endeared her to automotive enthusiasts and beyond. Her TikTok restoration of a 1969 Ford Bronco and the launch of the Ford x Sydney Sweeney workwear collection have solidified her status as a trailblazer in both the automotive and fashion spheres.

With this Mustang design project, Sweeney continues to drive home her message of empowerment and passion, inspiring fans to get under the hood and dream big, one custom Mustang at a time.

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