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Toyota India’s 24-Hour Code Road: Hackathon Drives Youth to Innovate for Safer Streets

Bangalore, February 4, 2024 – In a creative fusion of technology and road safety, Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) wrapped up its marathon 24-hour hackathon in Bangalore, aligning with the nationwide ‘Road Safety Month’. Hosted at the RV Institute of Technology and Management, the event brought together the bright minds of students from schools and colleges across Bangalore, all geared up to tackle road safety challenges through digital innovation.

Under the spotlight were not only the students but also a constellation of dignitaries including H C Balakrishna, MLA and Chairman of Karnataka Road Development, and Sharath Bache Gowda, head of KEONICS, amongst others. These leaders shared their insights and lauded the initiative that aims to sculpt young minds into road safety advocates and tech-savvy problem solvers.

This hackathon isn’t just a competition; it’s a crucial part of TKM’s CSR strategy, focusing on education and road safety. By encouraging students from grades 9 to 12 to dive into the world of innovation, Toyota is steering these young innovators towards creating practical solutions that could lead us to a future with zero road fatalities.

The grim statistics from the ‘Road Accidents in India 2022’ report underline the urgency of such initiatives, with a notable increase in accidents and fatalities, particularly among young adults. Toyota’s hackathon serves as a beacon of hope, aiming to embed road safety consciousness into the curriculum and inspire students to emerge as change agents.

The hackathon journey was divided into three phases, starting with a call for ideas and culminating in a two-day coding spree where teams brought their visions to life with the support of industry experts. The winning solutions, ranging from digital platforms to enhance road safety awareness to innovative infrastructure improvements, showcased the potential of young minds to influence significant societal changes.

As the event concluded, the top teams were awarded not just with prizes but with recognition as pioneers of road safety. Toyota’s commitment to nurturing these young talents and potentially incubating their projects speaks volumes about the company’s dedication to making roads safer for everyone.

In a world where road safety is often taken for granted, the Toyota Hackathon stands out as a testament to the power of collective effort, innovation, and the relentless spirit of youth. As we drive forward, it’s initiatives like these that remind us of the road less traveled – the one leading to safety, innovation, and change.

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