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Holy Vroom! Sudha Cars Museum Unveils a Divine Ride: The Mobile Ayodhya Ram Mandir

From Junkyard Scraps to Sacred Wheels: Kanyaboyina’s Latest Creation Brings Ayodhya to Your Doorstep

Hyderabad, 2024 – In an extraordinary blend of devotion and automotive ingenuity, Sudha Cars Museum has rolled out its latest marvel – a mobile replica of the Ayodhya Ram Mandir, making its grand debut at Numaish 2024. This unique vehicle, a brainchild of Sudhakar Kanyaboyina, the founder of Sudha Cars Museum, not only epitomizes his passion for automobiles but also symbolizes a unifying journey through diverse communities.

Kanyaboyina’s journey into the world of automobile innovation began in his teens, with bicycle parts as his initial canvas, under the watchful encouragement of his businessman father. His relentless pursuit led to the creation of numerous portable cars, each echoing a different aspect of everyday life. However, his latest venture, the Ram Mandir replica car, stands out as a testament to his dedication and craftsmanship.

Crafted meticulously over two years with a team of 21, including 10 skilled Muslim workers, the vehicle is a testament to communal harmony and artistic prowess. Built on a Matador 307 chassis, this moving monument is 22 feet long, 13 feet wide, and towers at 16 feet. Clad in a metal structure with a fiberglass covering, the car is equipped with a built-in lighting system and sound system, ensuring that every detail of the sacred temple is replicated with precision.

“The idea was to bring the divine ‘darshan’ of Ayodhya’s famed temple to people’s doorsteps, especially for those who cannot make the journey,” explained Kanyaboyina. His approach, rooted in hands-on learning and resourcefulness, has shaped a unique niche in the automotive world.

The Ram Mandir replica is more than just a vehicle; it’s a moving symbol of devotion and craftsmanship. After its showcase at Numaish, the car is set to embark on a journey across various villages, spreading the essence of Ayodhya far and wide.

Sudha Cars Museum, established in 2010, has always been more than a mere collection of automobiles. Each car narrates a story, resonating with Kanyaboyina’s belief in the power of passion over formal training. His latest creation, the Ram Janmabhoomi Car, aligns with the celebration of Ram Lala’s return to Ayodhya, making the divine more accessible. With its ability to run up to 60 kmph, this single-seater, featuring a generator and public address system, truly brings the temple to life on wheels.

As the Ram Mandir car dazzles visitors at Numaish until February 17, 2024, it stands as a remarkable example of Kanyaboyina’s vision – where faith meets creativity, and the streets become a canvas for the divine.

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