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Ford’s F-Series Achieves Best-Selling Truck Status in US for 47th Consecutive Year

In an impressive continuation of market dominance, Ford’s F-Series has claimed the title of America’s best-selling truck for the 47th consecutive year. This remarkable achievement was announced by Robert Kaffl, Director of Ford U.S. Sales, who highlighted the company’s pride in this significant milestone.

The F-Series, a symbol of Ford’s commitment to excellence and innovation, has outlived several consumer products in its four-decade reign, including compact discs, mp3 players, and the brick-and-mortar video rental industry. In addition, it has maintained its position as the nation’s best-selling vehicle for 42 years.

2023 saw the F-Series grow in popularity, thanks in part to its diverse powertrain offerings, including the Ford F-150 PowerBoost Hybrid, the best-selling full-size full-hybrid pickup in America. Ford has also made significant strides in vehicle electrification, with the F-150 Lightning leading as the best-selling full-size electric pickup truck in the U.S.

These trucks, known for their strength, reliability, and versatility, feature innovative technologies such as Pro Power Onboard2 for powering work sites or homes during power outages, enhanced towing capabilities, and BlueCruise hands-free highway driving3.

Ford’s focus for 2024 is on expanding its range across gas, hybrid, and electric models, demonstrating a commitment to providing a truck for every customer need. Production of the new 2024 gas and hybrid F-150 models is set to begin early in the year, underscoring the company’s dedication to sustainable and powerful automotive solutions.

The enduring success of the F-Series reflects not only Ford’s drive for continuous improvement but also the deep trust and connection between the company and its customers.

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