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Stellantis starts first employee share purchase plan

  • 4.4 million shares subscribed equivalent to a total amount invested of €65 million.
  • Named ‘Shares to Win’, the employee share purchase plan launched less than three years after the creation of Stellantis to over 85,000 employees in France and Italy.
  • Employees received preferential conditions, with a 20% discount on the share price and a matching contribution of 100% of the personal amount invested up to €1,000.
  • Starting in the first half of 2024, Stellantis plans to extend ‘Shares to Win’ to the 242,000 eligible employees in the main countries where Stellantis operates.

AMSTERDAM, December 21, 2023 – Since its creation in early 2021, Stellantis has been committed to involving its employees in the Company’s success as part of the “Care” pillar outlined in its Dare Forward 2030 plan. In November, the Company launched ‘Shares to Win’, its first employee share purchase plan, an ambitious incentive program that enables employees to become shareholders in the Company on preferential terms.

Initially launched to 85,000 employees in France and Italy between November 13 and November 30, Shares to Win was met with great success, with a total investment of around €65 million, including €47 million from individual investment and €18 million matched by the Company, representing around 4.4 million additional shares held by employees.

“The success of this step of Shares to Win in Italy and France demonstrates our employees’ confidence in the sustainable future of our Company supported by the execution of our Dare Forward 2030 strategic plan, which maps out the path to achieving carbon net zero by 2038 and creating value for all our stakeholders,” said Xavier Chéreau, Chief HR & Transformation Officer. “Initiated in France and Italy, our ambition is to ensure that as many of our valuable employees as possible can also become Stellantis shareholders in the near future. This demonstrates our commitment to collective success and the sharing of value creation, while fostering cohesion and pride in belonging to Stellantis.”

A total of 22% of eligible employees subscribed to Shares to Win this year, with an individual investment of around €2,470.

In France, 31% of eligible Stellantis employees subscribed to Shares to Win. In Italy, the rate was 13%, a remarkable result given that this was the very first employee share purchase offered to ex-FCA employees in the country.

The preferential terms include:

–             No minimum subscription in France and from one share subscribed in Italy
Accessible to the greatest number of employees

–             A 20% discount on the reference share price
On November 10, the subscription price for Shares to Win 2023 was set at €14.52 in France and Italy. The reference share price is equal to the average closing price of Stellantis shares on the Milano stock exchange between October 12 and November 8, 2023.

–             A contribution of 100% of the employee’s personal contribution, up to € 1,000 gross
This is equivalent to 62 to 68 shares offered by Stellantis for €1,000 invested by the employee, depending on the legislation in place in the country.

This employee share purchase plan should be extended worldwide, starting in the first half of 2024 to 242,000 eligible employees in 18 countries, according to equivalent incentive guiding principles.

Then, in 2025 it would be further expanded to all countries where Stellantis operates, as soon as the regulatory and economic context allows.

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