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Pinnacle Industries Unveils AD-Gen Ambulance to Revolutionize Emergency Medical Services in India

New Delhi, July 9, 2024 – Pinnacle Industries, a leader in automotive interiors, seating, and specialty vehicles in India, has launched its latest breakthrough in emergency medical transportation: the AD-Gen Ambulance. This semi-premium variant aims to upgrade the standards of India’s ambulance fleet with advanced technology and innovative design, adaptable to all vehicle platforms.

“Our vision with the AD-Gen Ambulance is to provide accessible, high-quality emergency medical services nationwide,” stated Arihant Mehta, President of Pinnacle Industries. “Recognizing the critical first 10-20 minutes following an emergency, we engineered this ambulance to optimize response times and enhance patient outcomes.”

Addressing Financial Constraints

Financial constraints often hinder the enhancement of ambulance services, limiting investments in fleet upgrades and advanced medical equipment. Mehta emphasized that the AD-Gen Ambulance is a cost-effective yet high-quality solution designed to meet the needs of governments, private healthcare providers, NGOs, and various healthcare and commercial entities across India.

Innovative Design and Enhanced Performance

India’s medical emergency transportation sector lags behind other rapidly advancing sectors, highlighting the urgent need for improved healthcare infrastructure. The AD-Gen Ambulance is designed to meet this need, especially crucial during the ‘golden hour’ following severe medical crises.

Sachin Deshmukh, Executive Director of Pinnacle Industries, described the ambulance’s unique design features, “The AD-Gen Ambulance boasts a complete interior upgrade using Automotive ABS, known for its impact resistance, thermal insulation, and antibacterial properties. The single-piece side panels reduce vibrations and noise, while the high-strength aluminum rails support seamless equipment installation without compromising the vehicle’s structural integrity.”

Advanced Technological Features

Many ambulances lack adequate onboard medical equipment, essential for stabilizing patients en route to hospitals. Deshmukh highlighted that the AD-Gen Ambulance is equipped with advanced life support systems, including a defibrillator, ventilator, electric suction pump, and infusion pump, all securely fastened yet readily accessible.

The ambulance’s oxygen cabinet features a Digital Oxygen System for precise monitoring and programmable alarms. A dedicated drug cabinet enhances medication accessibility, and adjustable interior lighting ensures optimal visibility for nighttime operations. Integrated electronic systems include a control screen, Mobile Data Terminal (MDT), and Digital Oxygen Delivery System (ODS) control panel for streamlined access to vital signs, communication systems, and navigation tools.

The IT infrastructure of the AD-Gen includes a rugged tablet with an EMSO App for Electronic Patient Care Reporting (ePCR), GPS, live traffic updates, and attendance management. Additional features encompass 4G-based GPS, RFID, VTMS, and NFC tags for comprehensive operational efficiency.

Seamless Coordination and Continuous Care

Effective coordination between ambulance services and healthcare facilities is crucial for seamless patient transfers and continuity of care. The AD-Gen Ambulance facilitates this integration through advanced communication systems, enabling rapid response, critical medical interventions, and timely hospital transfers, potentially saving lives.

Commitment to Healthcare Innovation

Pinnacle Industries is dedicated to advancing healthcare infrastructure through continuous technological advancements and collaborations with healthcare providers and government entities. The AD-Gen Ambulance represents a significant step towards improved emergency medical services in India, ensuring that high-quality care is available when it matters most.

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