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Leap Accelerates Sustainable Mobility with a Major Induction of BMW iX Electric Vehicles into Its Fleet

Gurugram, India – In a landmark move for sustainable luxury travel, Leap, India’s pioneering sustainable luxury ground transportation provider, has announced the induction of 32 BMW iX electric vehicles into its exclusive fleet. This acquisition represents the largest single order of BMW iX for BMW India, highlighting a significant stride towards promoting eco-friendly mobility solutions.

The ceremonial handover of the vehicles was facilitated by Vikram Pawah, President of BMW Group India, to Robin Mann, Managing Director of Leap, at a special event held at the BMW Group India Training Centre. This addition not only enriches Leap’s offerings but also places it at the forefront of the luxury electric vehicle (EV) segment in India.

The BMW iX is celebrated for its seamless integration of premium mobility with zero emissions. It stands out for its agility, extended range, and luxurious spaciousness, all while minimizing its carbon footprint. Through the utilization of natural and recyclable materials and production powered entirely by green electricity, the BMW iX leads as India’s top-selling Luxury Electric Vehicle, setting benchmarks in sustainable luxury.

Vikram Pawah expressed his enthusiasm about this partnership, stating, “The delivery of 32 BMW iX electric vehicles to Leap marks a monumental milestone. It not only fulfills our largest single order but also symbolizes our mutual commitment to luxury and sustainable mobility. Leap’s initiative to establish an all-electric luxury transportation network in India resonates with BMW Group India’s dedication to innovation and environmental stewardship. The BMW iX will serve as a cornerstone in Leap’s fleet, steering the shift towards a more sustainable future in luxury travel.”

Echoing the sentiment, Robin Mann shared, “Integrating the BMW iX into our fleet is a significant milestone for Leap and reflects our commitment to a greener future. Our all-electric fleet stands at the intersection of safety, luxury, and innovation, offering our clients a unique chance to embrace luxury electric mobility without compromising on environmental values.”

Leap emerges as a leader in India’s luxury transportation sector by offering a remarkable travel experience underscored by a commitment to environmental responsibility. With its fleet of the latest all-electric luxury vehicles, Leap provides advanced, safe, and quiet transportation options catering to both retail and institutional clients, underscoring a future where luxury and sustainability go hand in hand.

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