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PM Modi Takes a Deep Dive with India’s First Underwater Metro, Unveils Rs 15,400 Crore Bonanza for Kolkata’s Commuter

In a move that’s set to redefine urban mobility and sprinkle a dash of high-tech charm on Kolkata, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today unleashed a whopping Rs 15,400 crores worth of connectivity projects in the City of Joy. Among the marvels is India’s inaugural underwater metro route, promising commuters a ‘whale’ of a time beneath the Hooghly River.

Riding the wave of innovation, PM Modi himself embarked on a journey through the depths aboard the Esplanade – Howrah Maidan metro line, marking a historic moment as he breezed through India’s first metro tunnel under a major river. Not just a silent observer, Modi engaged in lively banter with the ‘shramiks’ (workers) and school kids aboard, making the metro ride anything but ordinary.

Taking to X, the Prime Minister shared, “The underwater journey was nothing short of legendary, accompanied by the vibrant energy of youngsters and the hardworking souls behind this marvel. Witnessing the Hooghly river above as we traveled below was a surreal experience.”

He added, “Today marks a monumental leap for Kolkata’s urban landscape, enhancing connectivity and easing the notorious traffic snarls. It fills my heart with pride to see the Howrah Maidan-Esplanade Metro section pioneer underwater metro transit in our nation.”

The Prime Minister’s metro escapade and his interactions were not just about the ride but a testament to his government’s commitment to propelling urban mobility into the future, making commutes smoother and cities more accessible.

West Bengal’s Governor, C V Ananda Bose, was among the dignitaries gracing the occasion, witnessing the blend of technological advancement with heartfelt interactions.

The connectivity extravaganza didn’t stop at Kolkata’s underwater feat. Modi also flagged off several other metro sections across the country and laid the foundation for future projects aimed at decongesting roads and offering seamless, comfortable travel experiences. From the deepest metro station at Howrah to the unique elevated Majerhat station that strides across railway lines and a canal, the inaugurated projects are set to be game-changers for urban transport.

Moreover, with new sections enhancing access to historical and tourist spots, and the RRTS corridor promising to rev up NCR’s economic engine, the day’s events mark a significant stride towards modernizing India’s urban transit systems.

In true Modi fashion, the Prime Minister bowed to the “Jan Shakti,” affirming his dedication to serving the nation’s populace with renewed vigor, all while ensuring they travel in style, whether it’s through the clouds or under the river.

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