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Hemi Hooray: Dodge Throws a Desert Party for the V8’s Last Roar in the Middle East

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – February 23, 2024 – In a grand gesture that can only be described as a roaring farewell bash, Dodge has announced the ‘Last Call’ for its legendary V8 Hemi engines in the Middle East. This marks a final opportunity for muscle car enthusiasts to witness the thunderous power of the Hemi in the Challenger and Charger models. The event, symbolizing the end of an era, promises to be a nostalgic and powerful adieu to the iconic engine.

At a ripe age of 70, the V8 Hemi is not going quietly into the night. Instead, it’s leaving tire tracks of memories and a legacy of raw, unbridled power that has captivated hearts for decades. Dodge is pulling out all the stops to ensure this farewell is as loud and unforgettable as the engine itself.

The celebration takes over the region with a visual extravaganza. Enormous billboards, echoing the mighty roar of the V8, dominate the skyline, while social media platforms buzz with the hashtag #MyHemiStory. This digital tribute invites fans to share their personal Hemi tales, connecting a community of enthusiasts through shared stories and memories.

The #MyHemiStory Challenge is the centerpiece of this campaign, inviting fans to submit short selfie-videos that capture their unique Hemi experiences. From first encounters to unforgettable drives, these stories will be shared on Dodge Middle East’s Instagram, immortalizing the engine’s impact on its fans.

Stuart Laurie, Head of Chrysler, Dodge & Ram Trucks at Stellantis Middle East, reflects on this momentous occasion, “The Last Call campaign isn’t just a farewell; it’s a celebration of the incredible journey we’ve had with the V8 engine. Dodge has always been synonymous with boundary-pushing, and retiring the legendary HEMI paves the way for our new chapter of innovation and sustainability.”

As the Hemi V8 engines rev for the last time in the Middle East, Dodge invites everyone to join in this grand farewell. Follow #MyHemiStory for updates and be part of the journey as Dodge accelerates into a future of automotive brilliance, leaving behind a legacy as powerful as the engines it celebrates.

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