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Yokohama India Rolls Out the ‘Rugged Road Warriors’: Geolandar Xtreme Series Hits the Dirt Running!

New Delhi, February 19 – Yokohama India has added a twist to the tale of tires with the introduction of their latest dynamic duo in the Geolandar series – the Geolandar X-AT and the Geolandar M/T G003. These trail-blazing tires are not just a step, but a giant leap in off-road tire technology, promising to take the adventure-seeking, mud-splashing enthusiasts on a ride they won’t forget.

Bridging the gap between the All Terrain and Mud Terrain tire categories, the Geolandar X-AT is a chameleon on wheels. It’s adept at tackling a myriad of surfaces, from the ruggedness of off-road trails to the smoothness of highway asphalt. Drivers can now enjoy a seamless transition from rocky terrains to highway cruising, thanks to the superior traction and stability of the X-AT. It’s like having a tire with a split personality – but in the best way possible!

For those who find their thrills in the thick of mud and slush, the Geolandar M/T G003 is the tire to beat. Tailor-made for the muddiest of adventures, this tire’s aggressive design and advanced tread pattern empower drivers to boldly go where few tires have gone before. Steep inclines, challenging terrains, and slushy trails are no match for the M/T G003’s relentless grip and control.

Yokohama’s innovative technology is the secret sauce behind these tires’ extraordinary capabilities. Enhanced wear resistance and fortified side-cuts ensure that these tires don’t just perform exceptionally – they last exceptionally long too. The new compound and sidewall design mean fewer punctures, fewer damages, and more uninterrupted adventures.

Harinder Singh, the CEO and MD of Yokohama India, encapsulates the excitement surrounding these launches. “The Geolandar X-AT and M/T G003 are the epitome of next-gen off-road tire technology. They embody our commitment to quality, reliability, and motoring excellence,” says Singh. “For those who live to drive, these tires are not just upgrades – they’re game-changers.”

Adding to their robustness, both the Geolandar X-AT and M/T G003 come equipped with the M+S (Mud and Snow) rating and a Rim Protector, making them well-suited for a diverse range of off-road escapades. Yokohama’s latest offerings reaffirm their dedication to pushing the envelope in tire technology, consistently delivering products that meet, and often exceed, the evolving demands of drivers globally. With the Geolandar Xtreme series, Yokohama is not just selling tires – they’re selling an unstoppable, exhilarating motoring lifestyle.

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