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Mansory and Pirelli Present: A Seafaring Marvel That Melds Lounge Luxury with Racetrack Thrills!

Mansory and Pirelli have set the seas ablaze with the launch of the Pirelli 42 Mansory speedboat, a vessel that effortlessly combines the rush of racing with the opulence of a floating lounge. Sporting the distinctive Mansory style, the Pirelli 42’s design is both striking and unmistakable, featuring sporty, clean lines that command attention.

Adorned with the prestigious Mansory logos on its flanks, this nautical masterpiece makes its presence known. Inside, the luxury continues with seating and interiors cloaked in seawater-resistant leather, harking back to traditional boatbuilding while infusing it with contemporary flair.

The Pirelli 42 Mansory is engineered for both adrenaline junkies and those who prefer the calmer side of sea life. Its generously sized bow sunbathing area and inviting cockpit are designed for utmost comfort and safety, ensuring every moment onboard is a pleasure. The attention to detail is evident in the visible carbon parts and the sports car-worthy steering wheel, highlighting the vessel’s blend of high performance and luxury.

The special equipment onboard the Pirelli 42 Mansory reads like the dream of a nautical enthusiast turned reality. An aerodynamic roof spoiler crafted from exposed carbon fiber injects a dose of speed into the aesthetic. The inclusion of starlight headlights and Hella roof lights, all encased in carbon fiber, not only illuminates the way but does so with unmatched style. The cockpit is a futuristic command center, featuring a control panel, steering wheel, accelerator, and joysticks all finished in a luxurious leather and carbon fiber combination. From the speaker covers to the cabinet doors and even the cupholders, every detail is meticulously crafted from carbon fiber, ensuring the essence of custom luxury permeates throughout.

Crafted by the renowned Mannerfelt Design Team and constructed by TecnoRib, the Pirelli 42 Mansory’s allure is not just skin deep. This speedboat impresses with its technical prowess, from its 13.10 meter length and 4.10 meter beam to the powerful trio of R500 Mercury engines propelling it forward. Designed to accommodate 14 guests, this vessel is as much a social space as it is a testament to nautical speed, boasting a fuel tank capacity of 950 liters and a water tank capable of holding 200 liters.

In a realm where the luxurious often forgo speed, and the swift sacrifice comfort, the Pirelli 42 Mansory speedboat emerges as a beacon of balance, proving that no compromises are necessary. Whether aiming to dazzle at the dock or seeking the exhilaration of the open seas, this speedboat is a guaranteed head-turner and sail-raiser.

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