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Toyota Sera Showers in India: A Rare JDM Gem Pops Up in Kerala for 9.5 Lakh!

Kerala, India – Car enthusiasts in India are witnessing what could be humorously described as a ‘rainfall’ of Toyota Seras, with the latest one being up for sale in Kerala, priced at INR 9.5 lakh. This rare 2000 imported JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) model has clocked 74,000 km and boasts a slew of impressive features, including new tax, insurance, and pollution checks.

The car, in good running condition, is equipped with alloys, ABS, power steering, air conditioning, power windows, keyless entry, a K&N filter, and the iconic butterfly doors. A new battery adds to its appeal, along with all clear documentation, ready for the next owner near Angamaly highway in Pongam.

However, this unique offer has stirred mixed reactions online. User vinaygary skeptically remarked, “Who the hell wanna pay INR 9 lakhs for a car in this condition? Again, it is a low-powered Toyota, just have to buy it for looks.” In contrast, n_mv3, who saw the car in Kochi, commented on its good condition. Meanwhile, recalled, “They were going for INR 3-4 lakhs in Punjab some year back.”

The Toyota Sera, developed during Japan’s automotive industry boom, is a testament to innovation and futuristic design. Originating from the Toyota AXV-II concept car showcased at the 1987 Tokyo Motor Show, the Sera brought a dream-like vision of the future to the roads when it was launched in 1990.

This model was not just about looks; it introduced new manufacturing techniques to Toyota’s Production System, particularly in the production of its front wing. It shared mechanical components with the Starlet but stood out with its unique gull-wing doors – a first for a mass-produced Japanese car, which even inspired Gordon Murray in the development of the McLaren F1 supercar.

The Sera’s all-glass cabin provided a bubble-like space for occupants, necessitating standard air conditioning and power windows to manage the solar load. This rare model, known internally as EXY10, features a 5E-FHE 1496cc four-cylinder engine, offering 108bhp at 6400rpm.

As this unique car stands for sale in Kerala, it represents more than just a vehicle; it’s a piece of automotive history, embodying a blend of innovation, design, and the spirit of the era it was born in. Whether it’s worth the INR 9.5 lakh price tag, however, remains a topic of debate among India’s car enthusiasts.

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