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Audi’s Frankfurt Filling Fiesta: Fill ‘er Up Fast and Frolic in Style!

Audi has thrown the switch on its latest electric dream, the Frankfurt Charging Hub, making it the sixth of its kind but first in offering a side of classic cars with your car charge. Situated at Orber Straße, this power pit stop is not just any charging station; it’s a veritable electric extravaganza where volts meet vintage. Here, EV drivers can juice up their rides with up to 320 kW of power across four high-power-charging stations, all while taking a tantalizing time-out next to the Klassikstadt Frankfurt.

Klassikstadt isn’t just a neighbor; it’s a nirvana for automobile aficionados. Nestled in a heritage-listed factory, this venue vrooms with an internationally acclaimed collection of classic and contemporary chariots, alongside a tempting array of snacks, beverages, and hearty meals. It’s an attractive proposition that turns waiting from a chore into a cheer.

But wait, there’s more! Audi’s not just in the fast lane for charging; they’re pioneering paths in accessibility too. Imagine a world where charging your EV is as easy as pie, regardless of mobility challenges. Audi’s got this covered with their swivel arm technology, reducing the charging cable’s weight by a whopping 60% and making it a cinch for wheelchair users to plug in and power up. They’ve thought of everything, from a CCS connector holder to automatic cable retraction, ensuring that the only thing electric vehicle owners need to worry about is what to do while their car charges.

“In Frankfurt, the future’s so bright, you’ve gotta wear shades,” quipped Frankfurt City Councillor Stephanie Wüst, pointing out the metropolis’s dense population of electric vehicles and the burgeoning network of charging points. With an estimated 5,000 charging operations a year, Audi’s charging hub is set to be a beacon for battery-powered conveyances and a testament to the brand’s commitment to electric mobility and convenience.

Not just a boon for battery-powered behemoths, this hub is a haven of inclusivity, proving that fast charging and comfort can go hand-in-hand with accessibility. Gerd Schönfelder, Audi brand ambassador and a decorated Paralympian, praised the hub’s barrier-free approach, emphasizing the independence it grants to people with disabilities.

To add icing to the cake, Audi’s also rolling out virtual support advisors from their Nuremberg hub, ready to assist with a smile (and a camera) to ensure your charging experience is as smooth as the ride in an Audi.

So, if you’re cruising through Frankfurt with your electric ride thirsting for some electrons, swing by Audi’s latest charging hub. It’s where fast meets the past, all in the service of a future that’s electric and inclusive. Charge on, and maybe, just for a moment, time travel too.

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