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Dacia Spring Unveils Affordable Electric Revolution in the UK Market

In a move electrifying the automotive world, Dacia has rolled out its latest marvel in the UK – the All-New Dacia Spring (Sold as Renault Kwid in India), Europe’s most wallet-friendly electric car. This eco-friendly vehicle has undergone a total makeover, sporting a fresh exterior and interior design, ready to take on the right-hand-drive market for the first time.

Packed with convenience and versatility, the Dacia Spring boasts the best loading capacity in its class and a slew of clever features. Its digital dashboard is a tech lover’s dream, featuring a 7-inch instrument display and a central 10-inch multimedia display. Efficiency is at its heart with a 65 hp electric motor, achieving an impressive low energy consumption of just 14.6 kWh/62 miles.

Mark your calendars for 12 March 2024, when full UK pricing and specifications will be unveiled. Already, over 7,000 UK customers are queuing up to get their hands on this electric gem.

Since its launch in 2021, the Dacia Spring has been a game-changer in making electric mobility accessible. It’s become a hot favorite, ranking as the third most sold electric car to retail customers in 2022 and 2023. Its global popularity is evident, with over 140,000 units hitting the roads worldwide.

The Spring’s energy efficiency and minimal carbon footprint didn’t go unnoticed, earning a 5-star rating from Green NCAP in 2022. This electric dynamo is perfect for those seeking simple, affordable, and efficient zero-emission mobility. On average, Spring drivers cover a modest 23 miles daily at 23 mph, with 75% of the charging done at home.

The All-New Dacia Spring is more than just a pretty face. Its robust design and practical interior, with exceptional storage space, set it apart in its segment. It’s not just a car; it’s a style statement with a new Dacia design, first seen on the Duster, bringing a robust and assertive look.

David Durand, Dacia’s Design Director, proudly states that the Spring is not just part of the Dacia family but is a resolute sign of its enduring presence. The exterior design exudes solidity, modernity, and intelligence, highlighted by the iconic Y-shaped light signature and full-LED daytime running lights.

Inside, the Spring is a fresh, practical, and digital haven. The cabin’s design echoes Dacia’s horizontal architecture, integrating digital screens seamlessly. The All-New Spring also features full-body white elements, adding to its fresh and modular atmosphere.

Dacia continues to hold the title of offering the best value for money with the All-New Spring. It remains the market’s most affordable full-electric car, staying true to its vision of accessible electric driving.

With 308 liters of boot space, expanding to 1,004 liters with rear seats down, the Spring is more than just a city car; it’s a versatile companion for any journey. It also includes innovative YouClip accessory mounts, enhancing its practicality.

Under the hood, the Spring is more than capable. It’s equipped with either a 45 hp or a more potent 65 hp motor, perfect for zipping around town or cruising country roads. Its light weight, combined with motor efficiency, ensures low running costs and an impressive range.

To round off its offerings, the All-New Spring is packed with ADAS features, complying with the latest European Global Safety Regulation 2 standards. From advanced emergency braking systems to lane keep assist and driver attention warning, the Spring is not just efficient but safe.

The All-New Dacia Spring is a testament to Dacia’s commitment to affordability, practicality, and environmental friendliness, proving that going green doesn’t have to break the bank. With its robust design, practical features, and efficient performance, the Spring is more than ready to take the UK by storm.

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