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Gadkari Goes on a Highway Spending Spree: Paving the Way to Prosperity One Crore at a Time

In a move that has the nation’s roads buzzing with excitement, Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari, has unleashed a whopping Rs 6728.33 crore into the lap of Arunachal Pradesh. The funds are earmarked for the construction of 8 majestic stretches on NH-913, popularly known as the Frontier Highway, stretching over 305.50 km. This ambitious project, set to be undertaken on an EPC mode, promises to transform the region’s connectivity and economic prospects dramatically.

But why stop at one state? Gadkari, in a spree of infrastructural enthusiasm, has also turned his magnanimous gaze towards Madhya Pradesh, approving a hefty sum of Rs. 3549.48 crore. This generous allocation is aimed at the construction and strengthening of various National Highway projects across the state. Among the key projects is the 4-laning of a 41 km section of National Highway-146 B, stretching from the Shahganj Bypass end to Badi Package-IV, which slices through the heartlands of Sehore and Raisen districts. This vital artery is expected to slash travel times to major cities like Jabalpur, Bhopal, Betul, and Indore, weaving a web of connectivity that promises prosperity and safety for its travelers.

Not content with merely laying down the asphalt, Gadkari’s vision extends to the creation of a 6-lane service road on both sides of the Ayodhya bypass, stretching from Asharam Tiraha on National Highway-46 to Ratnagiri Tiraha on National Highway-146 in Bhopal. This Rs. 1238.59 crore project aims to decongest the city and provide seamless connectivity to Bhopal Airport, making travel a breeze for residents and visitors alike.

Last but not least, the construction of a 34 km long, 6-lane Indore Western Bypass has been greenlit under the Hybrid Annuity Mode at a cost of Rs 1534.70 crore. This bypass is a beacon of hope for reducing traffic woes in Bandur city and enhancing road safety by diverting commercial traffic away from the city’s heart.

In a nation on the move, Gadkari’s recent approvals are not just about laying down concrete; they’re about paving the path to a brighter, more connected India. With a master plan that spans states and a budget that reads like a tycoon’s chequebook, the road ahead looks promising indeed.

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