The highway runs, city driving, and poor road situations that this New Mahindra Thar truly excels in. giving you an experience of a greatly powerful, rattle-free, noise-free, quiet Jeep journey, it places a wide smile on your face.  So let’s create a new road Mahindra story just like this YouTuber…

Mahindra Thar, when we hear this word, a picture of a tough and powerful Indian SUV appears in front of our eyes.  In India, as well as some other nations, Thar has altered the meaning of the off-roading experience. Time by time, the company has also acquired this off-roading model, which is becoming the facility of short 4 x 4 too.

There is no doubt how huge a fan following it contains and thus, clearly been seen with this new vlog of YouTuber Mohit Chhikara, who shared his Mahindra Thar experience and lovely journey with his Girlfriend.  Let’s have a ride to his Thar tour and know what all this new Thar has for us!

Well, anything with a tag of ‘Made in India’ is selling like hot chocolates in the country now.  The spirit of having something made regionally is beyond words.  The new Indian Thar is also 2-3 generations advanced as opposed to its predecessor as Generations have driven and cherished the car.  It is also loved among car collectors and enthusiasts.

Numbers seriously don’t lie and we can trust it on guys as this Thar has 226 mm of clearance,  27-degree break over points, 41.8-degree approach, 36.8-degree departure, and 650 mm of water wading.  Making the Thar modified though is that apart from the standard four front-facing beds, it can be given with an option to seat six converted to the side facing forms.

The YouTuber is enjoying and having his full of expression of fun, freedom, and sovereignty with this new Thar.  We can very well assume that this will not only bring die-hard Thar fans but also urge those who have badly dreamt of enjoying an iconic vehicle, with all the buzzes and whistles of a concurrent SUV. He also took Thar for a grueling off-roading at Pushkar. He was impressed with the fuel economy of the SUV with few visits to petrol station giving 14 kmpl at highway easily. He hit a small patch of desert with Thar which 4×4 tech easily took it.

That sounds fun!  Sales of the Thar has already begun in India by October in a full bang on with an evaluated price of Rs 9.80 Lakh.  Now we have to say here that we did not get an inordinate amount of time with the automotive, so these are naturally the basic impressions, and we tend to drive and experience this full of a fun ride a little more as we look at this…

What about you?



Siddhika Prajapati

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