Do you have a Porsche 911, which you might be using it as your everyday drive?  However, would you mind if we recommend you to use it as a camper for your next weekend trips?  That would not be a poor idea since everyone wanted a break, most importantly during these ‘work from home’ hectic routines.  One smart owner of Porsche 911 has done the same and has become an Instagram sensation. Surprised?

Brock Keen has inspired millions of Instagram followers around the world to connect with him and his Porsche 911 as they are also traveling enthusiasts.  Those fond of traveling and are looking out for another chance to experience a new kind of some amazing outdoor adventures got motivated.  Undoubtedly, his road trips have become a social media sensation where his Instagram handle ‘996roadtrip’ has hosted 65k followers along with some marvelous shots of the sports car becoming into an adventure camper as it around the US.

So if you are looking out for getting some hint or idea or at least some inspiration then why do not check out his Instagram page and become his one of another follower.  while discussing the car, A Porsche 911 which isn’t the prime vehicle to come to his memory when anyone considers camping outdoor adventures but Brock Keen has created it to work that’s so magically.

The adventurous journey commenced for Keen when he got his 996 for using it in a daily drive routine.  The Atlas Grey Carrera 4S had driven just under 100,000 km when the young businessman bought it from a dealership in Oregon, USA.  Therefore, basically, like a common person, he used the care for the commute to work as well as sometimes-longer road trips into the hilly regions where he along his wife enjoyed skiing and snowboard.

The courageous couple renewed their Porsche adventures and bought a roof tent from a camping store, which they had planned to use on their classic Range Rover.  However, the tent did not end up connecting so they chose to try it out on the 911 and the rest is a sweet tale.  Amazing to dream of!  Isn’t it?

While recalling his camping journey, keen shared, “On my drive home I was getting a lot of funny looks.  At every stoplight, I hit people who were throwing their hands up in the air in disbelief.  When I got home I immediately opened the tent up, mostly to convince my wife that we should keep it.”

Meanwhile, the conclusive factor came when the couple accompanied an open-air performance in the Porsche and camped out for the first time in the tent.  Then they posted a picture on Instagram, which quickly captured the public’s attention, as well as the tent’s maker, and surprisingly they got in touch.  As Keen explained, “They were both delighted to see their product on an incredible car, but also concerned that it might not be big enough.  They invited us to their headquarters and had their team do a full stress test and weight test on the roof rack and on the car itself.”

A few changes were made to the car, including a cold air intake, rally lamps, and reducing the suspension.  Talking more about the journey, he further shared that the car’s first decent road trip with the tent was to the Rennsport Reunion at Laguna Seca which is America is biggest and most highly valued Porsche meet.  “There were a lot of purists there who thought it was madness, but also there were the guys who understand the real Porsche brand and how useable these cars are.”

Keen’s permanent companion for life along with being his car camping partner as well is undoubtedly his loving wife.  The 40-year-old also accepting while dedicating the success of his camping adventurous journey to her along with their dog Lucy.  Even their friends have been tagging along more lately and their trials and efforts have reached globally.  “It’s becoming a thing; we did a rally with a group of sports cars in the fall and drove a bunch of gravel and dirt roads in the mountains around the Pacific Northwest.”

So, Keen has become yet another Instagram sensational along with his 911.  They both are totally killing and racking up the road trip kilometers all around the nation ever since.  “Remote places usually have great roads that lead to them.  Therefore, its canyon carving by day, a billion stars by night, and I get to do it all over again the next day.  I just get out and go to the sort of places you would never really expect to see a Porsche, let alone one with a rooftop tent,” he further added.

Thus, if you are also a travel enthusiast, we not take some impulse from the adventures couple, delay your dull mundane life, take a break, go out on a camping tour, post the photographs, and become yet another celebrity star just as Keen did!

Siddhika Prajapati

Siddhika Prajapati

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