Almost a decade after the last Hummer H3 rolled off the assembly line at Shreveport, General Motors Corporation has seen fit to revive the brand name and fans around the world are delighted to hear the grunt of the large engines again or shall we say the silence. Quite contradictory to the Hummers design of brawniness and being a grunt machine the new one is an EV, but doesn’t deter the SUV which with its new powertrain is now even more capable off road.

The car is powered by three electric motors from GM’s Ultium Drive platform and offers an astonishing 1000 HP and 11,500 lb ft of wheel torque, both very competitive numbers in a segment which does not yet exist. And even though it still resembles the heavy sand colored Humvee’s of the U.S. Military,  the EV is capable of a 3 second sprint to 60 mph by using a launch control system named Watts to Freedom which gives massive bursts of acceleration. “Watts to Freedom unlocks the full potential of the propulsion system and puts all of its available power to the pavement,” said Al Oppenheiser, Hummer EV Chief Engineer about the launch system.

The Hummer EV comes with a variety of driving modes to suit the usage, like Normal, Tow/Haul, Off-Road and Terrain and a configurable mode which the user can tweak to suit his needs. Each mode encompasses changes to the chassis, suspension and propulsion system, along with distinct info displays on the screen and unique to the EV, vehicle sounds which emanate from the speaker system. The car also has an adrenaline mode which puts each system on overdrive.

The car also comes with a very unique feature named the CrabWalk, which enables the car to turn all its four wheels in the same direction upto 10-Degrees and make diagonal movement possible something that hasn’t been seen in any other production car and can be instrumental in tight crevasses and Extraction mode which raises the suspension by 6inches to overcome bigger obstacles, Four-wheel steering for enhanced control and underbody armor for protection.

The smart vehicle system in the Hummer is comprehensive and can calculate range, find charging stations, monitor performance and is displayed on the 13.4 inch and 12.3 inch touch screens the car comes equipped with. Bose speakers have been tweaked to provide the driver with an immersive sound experience which can be customised by the driver. The UI has been designed in partnership with Epic Games’ Unreal engine and makes for a very intuitive experience. Energy assist for the battery and motor monitoring, Off-Road widgets providing info about vehicle parameters, and the trailering app are the main features of the system.

The GMC Hummer EV exudes the same road presence that its ancestor did, corner wheels, higher ride height giving character to the car while being functional in terms of off-roading, approach and departure angles. Cues from the original like the upright windshield and rough squarish edges are prevalent throughout the design. The Infinity roof is a feature that makes the Hummer a thing to experience, with maximum glass and no opaque surfaces to stop the light from coming in, giving the large vehicle a very open-air vibe, while being equipped with fully removable roof panels.

The interior is rugged, bare like the Hummer should be but carefully crafted to recycled, easy to maintain materials for rough use. The absence of an engine enables the car to utilize a myriad of clever storage spaces in the cabin. The ‘H’ of the Hummer is embossed on most surfaces on the interior as well as exterior. The 2022 Hummer EV will be offered in two editions, starting at $112,595 (INR 85 lakh) and will go on sale by the end of next year.

2022 Hummer EV Edition 1 Interior Specifications –

Max headroom – front (in. / mm):42.5 / 1079
Max headroom – rear (in. / mm):38.6 / 980
Max legroom – front (in. / mm):45.6 / 1158
Max legroom – rear (in. / mm):38.9 / 988
Shoulder room – front (in. / mm):63.9 / 1623
Shoulder room – rear (in. / mm):64 / 1625
Hip room – front  (in. / mm):60.5 / 1536
Hip room – rear (in. / mm):60.3 / 1531
Anagh Bhaskar

Anagh Bhaskar

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