One of the best Austrian motorbike company delivered more features with detailing about its latest racecar, which weighs only 2,310 lbs. and is proficient of elevating out 530 hp.

It has been some months since KTM teased its new FIA GT racer, the X-BOW GTX.  However, this is not one of the KTM’s race bikes, yet it is a complete carbon fiber racecar that moreover unfolds the original X-BOW sports car.  Presently, the new racecar is formally revealed, thanks to close collaboration with branch partner Reiter Engineering.

Excellent Power in Light Pack

KTM is going ahead of its motorcycle prominence by delivering more details about its brand-new racecar.  In addition, the carbon fiber monocoque scaling with 176-lbs (80 kg) that shore up the KTM X-BOW, the X-BOW GTX weighs only 2,310 lbs. (1,048 kg).  Since its Audi-sourced, 2.5-liter five-cylinder turbo engine is matched to a six-speed constant gearbox – makes 530 hp and a higher torque of 650 Nm, the X-BOW GTX allows a pleasing power-to-weight ratio.

These mouth-watering symbols and facts are set in magnificent use with the establishment of excellent comfort, including a 120-liter FT3 safety tank, traction power, and racing ABS, aero profile suspensions, and   aluminum wheel carriers as well.  While other racing-prepped installations comprised of a Krontec air jack system and Sachs racing dampers.

Designed For Safety

It is essential, as power in a racecar is the driver’s security.  This is executed through the carbon-fiber monocoque, a full-fledged roll cage, a carbon-Kevlar seat, and a resistant braking system In the KTM X-BOW GTX.  The motorist is ensured safe through a homologated six-point racing apparatus from Schroth while its generator is kept unimpaired in a rear frame, which is built of high-strength steel tubes.

Sitting on a ‘Jetcfighter Canopy’ with a carbon frame and a windshield, the driver gets to operate a suede racing steering wheel equipped with an combined layout dispensing the most relevant information.  Drivers can modify the steering string and thus the place of the steering wheel in terms of height and depth.

Begins At Around $270,400 (1,98,27,945.28 INR)

The brand-new KTM X-BOW GTX also comes up with an adaptable pedal box, electrical power steering, LMP-derived electric gear shifter, and a camera rear view mirror system.  Yet, KTM has to implement performance numbers, although it revealed that the new racecar has an opening price tag of 230,000 EUR, which comes out to around INR 1, 98, 27,945.28.

The new KTM X-BOW GTX will absolutely be the most remarkable, lovely and technically advanced vehicle.  Being convinced about its success among the users, KTM board member Hubert Trunkenpolz said, “Together with Hans Reiter and his development team, our engineers have set a new standard for full carbon racing cars with the KTM X-BOW GTX.  Our new car is not only beautiful; it is trendsetting in all areas.  Especially in terms of safety, efficiency, and detailed technological solutions, we see a real revolution, apart from the design and the incredible manufacturing quality of the carbon fiber chassis.”

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