The G-Class is the forerunner of all off-roaders from Mercedes and has set such a high standard of comfort and performance on and off the road that it is preferred by the elite as well as military forces around the world ever since its launch in 1979.

Mercedes-Benz has rolled out the 400,000th unit of one of their most iconic cars, the G-Class. The car was developed after suggestions of the Shah of Iran in 1979, who was then a shareholder in the company that a military vehicle be designed. The G-Class, generally known as the G-Wagon has evolved into a luxury off-road car that dominates on and off road performance. Mercedes marked the milestone by commissioning a G 400 d in red color which will be delivered to one of the oldest customers of the model who already owns around 20 G-Class cars.

The G-Class will also be one of the first models of the company to go electric, paving the way forward for the iconic luxury off-roader. Dr Emmerich Schiller, head of off-road and Mercedes-Benz G in Austria stated,“ We are electrifying this series so the G will have a zero-emissions future, making our icon future-proof.” Magna Steyr, Graz-Austria where the G-Class is made will also go carbon neutral in two years as part of the plan, while also reducing the use of water and other resources.

The present generation of the G-Class was introduced in 2018, improving upon the driving characteristics which added the new suspension and the Dynamic Select which makes it as much a potent off-roader as a luxury road vehicle. The differentials which can be locked up to 100% and the G-Mode provide a cathedral of power whether it is performance driving on the road, or off it. The addition of the G Manufaktur personalisation option has added a new breath to the car, with a majority of customers going for customised cars.

The G-Class is the oldest off-road car from the German Automaker, and as a result all subsequent off-roaders have had the nomenclature start with a ‘G’. the ladder frame construction coupled with the AWD and diff locks have made the G Wagon a standard of luxury Off-roading ever since it was launched. Available with a power choice ranging from 72hp to 156hp when launched. The technologies involved in the power, transmission, suspension, handling and comfort have evolved significantly.

Currently the G wagon has several variants, like the G 500, G 550, G 350 d, G 400 d and the G 63 AMG, which are available in a configurations of inline 6 or a V8 power units, ranging from 282 horsepower in the G350 d to 577 horsepower in the G63 AMG. all the variants are automatic and are mated to a 9-speed 9G-Tronic gearbox which powers all the four wheels, there is superior torque distribution and grip.

The G-Class has shaped how SUVs and Off-roaders in the present are, with its powerful engine, sturdy build and comfort, the car has surpassed what an off-roader can mean. The machine is so potent that it is in constant use with several special forces and police units around the world, which use it as a fast attack or response vehicle, and due to its extremely dependable performance and build the G-Wagon is even used by emergency services in high-altitudes and coldest of areas.

Currently the G-Class has only two variants available in India, the G 350 d with the 282 hp Inline-6 engine or the G 63 AMG 4Matic with the 577 hp V8, priced at INR 1.85 crores for the G 350 d and 2.7 crores for the G 63 AMG.

Anagh Bhaskar

Anagh Bhaskar

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