The Mirafiori Factory is the main headquarters of the Italian automobile manufacturer Fiat, which is the subordinate of FCA Italy, part of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. With giving out the best since 81 years, the group is all set to welcome its historic Miriafiori Plan in Turin. The plant which is a part of the largest FCA, employs around 20,000 employees in production and the related fields of engineering and design, sales, financial services and spare parts. At this place, every single individual created this technology with more revolutionary layouts for tomorrow’s world of mobility with its style sequences put together of Italian Culture. The Mirafiori facility has made history in the Italian and global automotive industry already and now a production line for New 500 electric is being initiating for an early set up which has a sole motive to continue the long history of innovative models leaving the Turin Plant which left a mark with Mirafiori for the first time in 1957.

With everything taking in count, approximately 12,000 people will work on the New 500 electric with a planned production output of 80,000 units per year and in total between the costs of design, development and engineering and the construction of the production line, it represents an investment of over €700 million.

This brand new initiative can be considered as an accumulation of professionalism, effort and technology at the same time.

At the beginning, the group conducted a discussion amongst the plant experts and learned about the specific production line which often tested it in certain reality scenarios which helps the group to expand and enhance the product and the processes involved. This particular group of people involved are basically the “Manufacturing Execution System” (MES) who are onboard working to provide the Mirafiori an option to supervise all the customer orders and sending out the data to several external suppliers in advance.

The training and execution takes place with a presence of a leader who looks over into the small areas of the process like, understanding quality and production.

The ergonomics which are to be taken care of especially while assembling the New 500 electric are to make sure of the suitable posture and workstations where the new Fiat model is built are located on a platform at variable heights according to the task management.

The main processes involved in the stages starts with deconstructing the doors, made on a specific line which is followed by the waterproofing and the attraction is that the lamination is to be dealt by a ‘robot’ which ensures the high standards and quality. After the previous step, comes the assembling of the dashboard along with the cables and pipes including the central console. Now, once these trim line processes are finished the instrumental panel and the console is installed in the car. One significant feature in the production process is the ’operator terminal’ which monitors the work station that displays data according to every step during the process. After establishing the safety devices into the car, by simple tapping on the screen they can certify quality, and can also request about the material and ask for support from their team leader who are alerted from a phone call by pressing a button and are asked to advise them that a worker requires their assistance. The process continues with a new feature which is the ‘window assembly’ area where again the robot is instructed to fit the windshield and the rear window with utmost quality.

Now, jumping into the ‘chassis department’ of the production process where the engine and the car body is adjoined into a vehicle frame. In this procedure, while one group of workers assemble the chassis, another group puts together the mechanical components by fitting the wheel assemblies and the controls for the electric motor. With addition to this, the main platform of this car includes the battery and the electric motor, consisting of an Electric Drivetrain Module (EDM) and a Power Electric Bay (PEB).

The final and the last stage in the production process adds the basic requirements of every car which assembling the steering wheel, doors and the seats which is over looked with ensuring high quality control at proper workstations.

The plant is transformed for a new era of sustainable mobility” explained by the Mirafiori employees who are putting their maximum efforts into creating the New 500 Electric Model.

Rupanjita Aich

Rupanjita Aich

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