The Palisade is packed with 8 seats and a very powerful V6, specs which have made it one of the leaders of the segment in the States, if launched in India can the flagship Hyundai replicate its global success.

Hyundai’s largest SUV, the Palisade has been making inroads in the global market, especially the United States where it has given stiff competition to established American giants, what remains to be seen is how will the flagship Hyundai perform in Indian conditions if it is launched. Tarun Garg, Director of marketing at Hyundai gave a positive response on the topic saying, “Hyundai is assessing the feasibility of launching the Palisade in India.” with a possibility of local assembly.

The Palisade has three rows with ample space and rides on a new Hyundai chassis and looks every part the Flagship SUV that it is intended to be, following the latest design of wide flowing grille, split headlamps it resembles the Creta and the Tucson- both of which are much loved in India for their bold and futuristic design. The long hood, muscular design lines, panoramic glass all around give the car a very bold presence on the road, and provides a very airy and well lit cabin. The bulky looking body has been through a wind tunnel and scores a Drag coefficient of 0.33, thanks to the angle of the pillars, rear spoiler, internal air guide, underbody aerodynamic panels and deflectors.

The insides of the car speak volumes about the capability of the car, seating eight passengers without hassles the leather bound interiors create a very spacious and comfortable place to be in. The second row slides forward in a one-touch activated function to enable faster and comfortable access to the last row which has reclining seats with the second row also offering ventilation. Seven USB ports have been provided throughout the car for enhanced device connectivity. The car has a 10.2in infotainment screen and a 12.3in instrument screen which also has navigation built-in. A shift-by-wire system frees up space on the central console for more functional buttons and also shifts the car into park mode once the engine is off.

The Palisade enhances passenger comfort with the roof vent diffuser which can provide a partially-diffused or fully-diffused air stream while being quieter and distributing further around the cabin. A QI-enabled wireless charging pad for divides and Infinity audio system with high-quality surround sound while eliminating road noise. Currently only the left-hand drive version is sold globally but Hyundai might take the leap if it expects growth in the market.

The Palisade is currently powered by a 3.8L V6 which makes 261hp and 262lbft of torque, much superior in comparison to Toyota Fortuner, Ford Endeavour, MG Gloster or the Mahindra Alturas G4, which might be changed as Hyundai might add a smaller engine to have a more competitive pricing in the Indian market. An 8-speed automatic gearbox and available HTRAC all-wheel drive offers the car plenty of grip and power to the wheels. In terms of luxury and the equipment list, the Palisade can disrupt the Fortuner’s dominance very easily, with smart features being challenged only by the recently launched MG Gloster.

The Palisade will potentially start a segment on its own because of the levels of comfort the car offers while being a full-size SUV, something which most carmakers in the country have not attempted to do and have moved towards SUVs which have a good off-road capability but not much to offer on the comfort and features side. Priced at $32,000 in the USA and locally Hyundai would like to price it below INR 30L and ranging up to 40L  to get a good value on the market, which has for years now rewarded the Korean automaker with record breaking sales.

Anagh Bhaskar

Anagh Bhaskar

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