Mahindra is celebrating 75 years with some memorable experiences. One such experience is shared by a hardcore Mahindra car fan Sridhar Ranganathan.

One day Sridhar sold off his Scorpio and planned to purchase a new vehicle. He looked around and didn’t find any car worth it. So he decided to buy another Mahindra Scorpio.

Sridhar said, “The colour I had zeroed down was red colour and I went to this dealer who said BS4 being mandatory then, coupled with the colour combination I wanted, it would take at least 8 weeks for delivery. I was little amazed that during the days when automobiles were selling like hot cakes it would take 8 weeks for a car to come.”

Sridhar was confused because he had just sold off his previous car and he was without a car, he badly wanted one. He wrote to Mahindra Group Chairman, Anand Mahindra an email saying ‘During days when you have surplus cars in the market you should be able to give cars off the shelf.’ He left the computer without expecting any reply, but in few minutes he received a reply from Anand Mahindra where he marked it to the head of the automotive division with three question marks “???”. Copied Sridhar on it, making it very transparent for the customer.

The entire Mahindra machinery got into action and Sridhar suddenly got a call four weeks after the event saying the car is ready. When Sridhar thanked Anand Mahindra, he again got a reply from him saying, “Enjoy this Scorpio Experience.”

Today Sridhar is driving his fourth Mahindra vehicle which is the XUV500. He said, “There are enough choices in the market but somehow I chose to stay with Mahindra all the time because I found that Mahindra always delivers value for money. This is one brand which you will literally see across length and breadth of the country. Which means people trust Mahindra as a brand.”



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