When Hyundai’s launch of the iMT took place, there was a lot of rumble around this tech being used in the company’s vehicles. Many were curious about it and some were sceptic of the nature of this semi-automatic transmission type. It hasn’t been very long since Hyundai launched it with the Venue, and we’re here to clear whatever doubts you might have.

The ‘Intelligent Manual Transmission’ does indeed sound fancy for a motor vehicle component, but what exactly is it that makes this type of transmission different from the others and does this make a very tangible difference in one’s driving experience? Hopefully, we’ll be able to cover all the aspects of Hyundai’s iMT for you.

The iMT is pretty much a manual gearbox; however, the only difference is that the iMT comes without a clutch paddle. The iMT gearbox is complete with an input & output shaft, is manually gearshifted and comes with a single ‘auto’ clutch. The clutchless manual controls the clutch while the gears have to be manually changed by the driver. It is specifically appealing to drivers who like to exercise complete control over their vehicle without having to rely on any built-in software. This transmission type is also quite cost-effective as it uses fewer parts than an AMT and comes close to the price of a standard manual transmission.

The electro-hydraulic automatic clutch tech was first announced to be launched by Hyundai with the Venue, following which, Kia also made their plans of incorporating this tech in the Sonet public at the Auto Expo 2020. The two corporate cousins have already introduced and launched the iMT in the Indian market, which despite some scepticism gained huge favour from the customers. Currently, Hyundai’s two vehicles Venue and the all new i20 support the iMT tech, as for Kia- only the Sonet has been equipped with the iMT.

Many upcoming vehicles from both the companies are likely to host the Intelligent Manual Transmission technology and we are excited to see which models are going to get lucky. Though the semi-automatic does not change gears, it does enough by keeping the clutch automated and drivers get to control their ride without having to keep track of their clutch paddle. Drivers just need to manually change gears whenever necessary and the rest is taken care of by Hyundai’s iMT tech.




Aayushi Primta

Aayushi Primta

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