Bowler the high-performance off-road maker now owned by JLR has been Licensed to use the classic Defender, the car is to feature Bowler’s famed off-road performance coupled with Land Rover’s manufacturing prowess and daily comforts.

While the new age Land Rover Defender is making inroads at captivating the world with its performance and design, Land Rover has seen fit to revive the old one by licensing Bowler Manufacturing- Derbyshire based high-performance off-road vehicle manufacturers- to use the body of the original Land Rover Defender for use in development of the next phase of Bowler’s off-road and rally vehicles. The project named CSP 575 gives Bowler the green light to produce high-performance vehicles which will be kickstarted with a road-version fitted with Rally-suspension, aluminium Defender 100 body and powered by Land Rover’s 575PS V8 engine that is supercharged.

The project will be the first new car to come out of Bowlers garage since 2016and the first one since Jaguar Land Rover acquired the firm back in 2019 and placed it under its Special Vehicle Operations. The car promises based on initial reports to be a fully fledged 4×4 promising high-levels of performance mated with Land Rover’s quality and Bowler’s expertise and reincarnate the iconic Defender 110.  Since JLR acquired Bowler, customers have been enjoying the support systems of the parent company which has also deployed its massive resources into development of many new vehicles.

The landmark decision to license the classic Defender builds further upon a strong ongoing relationship between the two companies and furthermore reiterates Land Rover’s intent on making Bowler a worldwide brand by allowing use of their technology, components, manpower which will be guided through by the experts at Bowler who have experience of more than 35 years.

The Defender is to be powered by JLR’s Supercharged V8- the same iconic engine that has notably powered the Range Rover Sport SVR and the Jaguar F-Type among many others- which makes 567hp and plenty of torque. The parts are to be supplied by Land Rover which will help in weight and cost reduction while maintaining quality while performance oriented parts such as the suspension will be sourced from Bowler, which has gained considerable insight into the mechanics in its three decades of experience.

Despite the Defender being branded and sold as a vehicle from Bowler, it is expected that the car will feature some form of passenger comforts that previous cars have lacked and will feature air-conditioning and comfortable seats. For further enhancement of the car as being a direct product of Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations, the suspension will be fine tuned to not feel like an off-roader all of time and be usable on roads, while featuring all of the off-road necessities like roll cage and technological assists.

Further details of the car will be released subsequently and readers will be updated about the same. Currently only announced to be sold in Britain, bookings for the Bowler will open next year with prices starting at 200,000 Pounds (INR 1.97 crore).

Anagh Bhaskar

Anagh Bhaskar

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