The car is an embodiment of British luxury, and features a very comfortable cabin, one which will beat out cars costing even a crore today.

Looking to buy a luxury sedan for half a crore and the BMWs and Mercedes not to your liking? Then there is a British Luxury car waiting for you, the Bentley Flying Spur which is being sold off for a fraction of its original price. The Flying Spur is a four-door version of the Continental GT, a very popular car from Bentley and is a standard of luxury and refinement even today.

The Flying Spur features the signature Bentley design with the large mesh grille and the quad headlamps. The car is exactly similar to the Continental GT other than in the fact that there is massive legroom at the back unlike the other car. This car was initially named the Continental Flying Spur due to it being an extension of the other car, but it was later changed. The car is a first gen model.

The engine here is a massive 6 litre W12 which has two turbochargers on top of it making 552 horsepower and 650 Nm of torque. All the four wheels are driven, controlled by a Torsen (Torque Sensing system) which ensures optimum power delivery to all the wheels to keep it under control and comfortable. The big and heavy sedan is capable of launching to a hundred in just 5.2 seconds and all the way up to a blistering top speed of 312 kilometers per hour. The Bentley has Air Suspension and Continuous Damping control which keeps the cabin free of any jerks or vibrations from the road.

The Flying Spur is a proper Bentley, featuring rich Leather upholstery and Real wood panelling around the car, the timeless British design language so properly displayed on this car is a piece of one of the most advanced luxury car makers in the world. It is easy to say that this Bentley even though it is from 2008, has not degraded in any form in its 12 year life and still possesses the luxury and the comfort that one demands from a car of this stature.

The car is Rust Brown in color, and has White and Varnish color interiors. It has just seen 35,000 kilometers and has had only one owner. The car is being sold by Car Street, the link to which is… this Bentley at the price of INR 53 Lakhs is a steal as a new one costs above INR 3.4 Crores, and at this price range one can get a BMW 3 Series, Jaguar XE, Mercedes C-Class but what you will not get is the comfort and the elegance of the Bentley.

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Anagh Bhaskar

Anagh Bhaskar

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