Das WeltAuto has currently become a one stop solution for all of those who are enthusiastic about cars. If you are one of those who are looking to buy a pre-owned car, sell your car or exchange your car and upgrade to a Volkswagen, Das WeltAuto have it all sorted for you with an inordinate amount of advantages.

Volkswagen Passenger Cars India declared their integrated service retailers for preowned cars – Das WeltAuto Excellence Centres through virtual inauguration of 5 retailers during the day across key cities of Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Cochin and Thrissur. Volkswagen is planning to provide a care free relationship between the car lovers and their car because a dedicated car lover continually seeks for the most effective treatment for their car and Volkswagen has brought that to their plate. Customers can now easily avail a bouquet of features as well as skilled car evaluation, special finance offer, distinctive accessory packages and care-free transfer. Not only that, through this initiative, company aims to strengthen its one stop solution to buy, sell, or exchange certified pre-owned cars by providing distinctive and customized services.

The DWA offers:

  • A digitally assimilated and personalized services while buying, selling or exchanging a pre-owned car.
  • The accessorized showcasing of car to assist customers in examining the various vehicle customization prospects for their pre-owned car.
  • One stop solution for pre-owned automobile businesses and its connected peripherals that guarantees increased sales and service privileges through its digitally experienced and dedicated consultation with their trained team.
  • Volkswagen’s DWA Excellence Centre focuses on pricing transparency and offers multi-brand pre-owned cars with superior privileges.
  • An exclusive warranty package (up to 12months) along with an insurance and financial support to the perspective customers.
  • A seamless, contactless and digital support to the perspective customers that ranges from integrated online buying or selling on the DWA website Das WeltAuto Valuator app.

Volkswagen’s DWA Excellence Centre focuses on pricing transparency and offers multi-brand pre-owned cars with exclusive privileges. It also gives way to a smooth, safe and transparent experience while buying, selling or exchanging of multi-brand pre-owned cars. Volkswagen is planning to introduce 17 more DWA Excellence Centre by 2021. And with time, the brand will conduct thorough functioning and internal audits to ensure smother and effortless functioning in DWA Excellence Centre.

Commenting on this initiative, Steffen Knapp, Director, Volkswagen Passenger Cars India said, “Customer experience is at the core of our brand philosophy and with the introduction of DWA Excellence Centre, we believe we will be catering to the ever- evolving pre-owned car segment. Our aim is to offer customized services, provide customers with peace of mind by making the process of buying, selling or exchanging pre-owned cars effortless and hassle-free.”