It assumes something that the auto industry once used to imagine through a significant part of its buyer experience using crash test models.  Today, we discovered from Volvo how far this sector has developed.  Volvo offered a glimpse at how its approach to design features to keep car buyers safe, especially as we get more familiar with an age when many cars could be driven automatically.

Volvo Cars call it “the ultimate driving simulator,” but for them, it is not just a justification to reveal their inner gamer.  This Swedish firm is using an innovative combined reality simulator to make new progress in safety and self-sufficient driving technology.  Indeed, it shades the line between simulation and reality.

There won’t be a curiosity that A rig with a mobile driver’s seat, real feedback steering wheel, and crystal-clear VR goggles will leave a craving for any serious gamer, but the Volvo Cars take this thought to the next level.  They have literally blurred the contrast between reality and the virtual world, and that is precisely the point.

Well it is tough to fully illustrate what some of this looks like, but if you grew up in the age of Batman, it feels amazingly close to the blend of hologram and deck.

Powered by cutting-edge technologies from Alliance, the foremost 3D modeling platform, and Finnish VR and mixed reality experts Varjo, the simulator is created to drive a true car on real roads.  It blends genuine high-definition 3D graphics, expanded reality glasses, and a whole Teslasuit bodysuit that affords tactile feedback to the practical world as well as tracks body effects.

Therefore, this aggregate of software and hardware concedes Volvo Cars’ engineers to simulate driving situations on a real test track using a real car, all in absolute safety.  They can obtain valuable information about the synergy between people and the car for the evolution of new functions in driver assistance, the fields of safety, and free driving.

In fact, testers are shown to imaginary safety and driver assistance characteristics, ensuring future car models, free driving user interfaces, and many other scenarios.  It can be used on real roads with a test lab, with each scenario entirely customizable or in test tracks.  Therefore, we can say that the chances are literally limitless.

In addition, earlier year, along with Varjo, Volvo Cars, became the first automaker to execute to drive a real car with mixed certainty glasses possibly.  And this collaboration has now been extended to encompass tactile suit maker Teslasuit and Unity.

According to Senior Head of User Experience, Casper Wickman, at Volvo’s Open Innovation Arena, this allows Volvo Cars to examine real human responses in a secure environment and at a significantly cheaper cost than in real tests.

“Working with great companies like Varjo, Unity, and Teslasuit has allowed us to test many scenarios that look and feel completely real, without physically building anything, this allows us to test real cars in road conditions that look and feel real and can be adjusted at the touch of a button,” Casper Wickman added.

When enhancing automotive safety systems such as collision evasion technologies, testing is crucial.  However, testing these systems in usage can be time-consuming, dangerous, and costly.  On the other hand, mixed and Virtual reality simulations support quite safe testing in a practical environment without the necessity to produce any build complex scenarios or physical prototypes.

Volvo emphasized that it was not actually stating any new features that will be included in its cars now.  The aim was to raise awareness about how it is grabbing an unusual CX hurdle.  Just like how to envision an adventure where buyers are using a product, but calmly.

Therefore, once you get an independent, free vehicle, for example, you might not be actively driving but halting your e-mail or enjoying music.  This is the paradox- Volvo is using some of the most attention-seeking technologies accessible to design encounters where the product is so reliable and trustworthy that the shopper can have the privilege to overlook it completely.  Amazing!