Volkswagen-s-ID-Buzz-Cargo-Volkswagen-Type-2-Bus-1 Volkswagen-s-ID-Buzz-Cargo-Volkswagen-Type-2-Bus-2 Volkswagen-s-ID-Buzz-Cargo-Volkswagen-Type-2-Bus-3

  • Volkswagen’s ID. BUZZ CARGO concept outfitted to resemble Nike’s first delivery vehicle, a VW Type 2 Bus, will pop up in key U.S. cities
  • VW “Drive Bigger” initiative continues with Nike’s Reuse-A-Shoe program while promoting the electric future of the brand

Herndon, VA — Draped in a subtly refreshed livery with retro roots, Volkswagen’s ID. BUZZ CARGO concept vehicle is going coast to coast with Nike to serve runners across the country. Making its first public appearance at Nike’s original storefront in Santa Monica, California, the new-age delivery vehicle will make additional stops in Chicago and New York City, giving running communities and onlookers a glimpse at the electrified future of Volkswagen commercial vehicles, and a chance to learn about the history of Blue Ribbon Sports and Nike’s beginnings.

Established in 1964 as Blue Ribbon Sports, Nike – founded by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman – rose to fame through a winning combination of product innovation and customer service. In January of 1967, Jeff Johnson, Nike’s first official employee, helped establish the inaugural BRS storefront at 3107 Pico Boulevard in Santa Monica, California. On top of managing the shop, Johnson became known for traveling to local track meets to sell product out of his personal vehicle, a Volkswagen Type 2 Bus.

BRS reopened its doors at 3107 Pico Boulevard this year as a recommitment to the running community of Los Angeles, not long after the U.S. debut of Volkswagen’s ID. BUZZ CARGO concept vehicle; a perfect, modern-day incarnation of an integral piece in their history.

To further move the needle on Volkswagen’s “Drive Bigger” initiative of social and corporate responsibility, the ID. BUZZ CARGO tour with Blue Ribbon Sports includes athletic footwear recycling at each installment. Utilizing Nike’s Reuse-A-Shoe program, which gives worn-out sneakers new life by transforming them into materials used to create running tracks, playing turf surfaces, and other athletic gear, the two brands will promote a shared focus on sustainability efforts and environmental commitments to athletes and fans all across the country.

“To learn Volkswagen played such an important role in Nike’s early history is a really big deal to us,” remarked Saad Chehab, Senior Vice President, VW Brand Marketing. “Supporting the rebirth of BRS is the perfect platform to help promote the common values of our companies, while showing the world VW’s commitment to electrification isn’t just about personal transportation – it’s about moving everything in a smarter fashion.”

Blue Ribbon Sports: Coast to Coast officially kicks off October 5th at 3107 Pico in Santa Monica.