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Today, Volkswagen will start installing a new innovative front screen. It targets all those who would like to do without their glasses whilst driving.

Finally more insight: From today there is a new option for all Volkswagen models – a long-awaited innovation for many customers. The glass used in the vehicle windows and in particular the windshield is equipped with individually adapted glass thickness and a corresponding cut on the customer’s request, in order to make a sharper vision possible – completely without wearing any glasses

OOPS. provides comfort

“Whether short-sighted or farsighted, the customer will see exactly where they are going,” one of the opticians proudly proclaims, “and you don’t have to wear glasses anymore! Fogged up lenses, slipped temples and annoying eyewash cleaning are simply a thing of the past – OOPS. now takes care of this whilst driving. This stands for “Optimized Optical Personal Screen”.

For years, Volkswagen engineers have been working on the design: the right strength, the right distance, the individual adaptation to the customer. A special glass is used, which can be cut to the appropriate size without requiring too much thickness – and still has the right number of diopters. “We tested and grinded, grinded and tested – it wasn’t easy, many windshields broke due to our demanding requirements. But in the end, we found the right formula,” explains Waldemar Hauptek, the leading technician, “and what can I say: It was a long process, but broken glass shards bring luck!”

Enchanting landscapes

OOPS. comes at the right time: In view of the increasing life expectancy, experts assume that sight impairments in the population will increase. In addition, more and more people are staring at their smartphones and becoming short-sighted as a result. “So practical,” says a radiant customer who has been waiting for this innovation for a long time, “one push of a button and I can see clearly again, that’s what the windshield wipers do!” Especially scenic routes can now be enjoyed without glasses on your nose.

“The market is ready”

It is of course important for the driver and passenger not to move too much during the ride, in order to keep the distance between their eyes and the tailored lens constant. Ergonomic stability supports in the seats help out. For passengers without glasses or with a different diopter number, there are relaxing and skin-friendly eye masks available.

Series production of OOPS. was eagerly awaited by the industry. “The market is ready,” analysts say. The first customer inquiries have already been received. Some customers even indicated in surveys that they now want to do without glasses altogether because they like driving so much.