The era of sustainable  driving is here. All automobile manufactures are moving towards hybrid or fully electrically driven vehicles. Volkswagen presents its first ever fully electric SUV with a digital world premier. As the demand for environmentally friendly and creating less of a carbon footprint is the call of the hour, Volkswagen, presents this SUV to entice the customer with its emotional all-rounder.

Similar sentiments were echoed by Ralf Brandstätter, Chief Executive Officer of Volkswagen brand. He said, “The ID.4 is an emotional all-rounder which will impress many customers with its efficient electric drive, generous amount of space, modern assist systems and powerful design.” He further added, “As the first global electric car, this model will roll out our modular electric drive matrix platform that has been developed specifically for electric mobility the world over. Volkswagen is thus once again demonstrating its leading role in innovation, technology and quality on the high-volume market.”

This SUV comes in the segment that is seeing exponential growth of customers. SUVs are the most in demand vehicle segment in USA and China, but also in Europe and Germany, the market share is rising, especially the compact SUV segment. One of the reason for this popularity is the visibility, safety and comfort.

To get their stronghold in this market segment, Volkswagen have introduced the ID.4  that is an all rounder which can be driven sportingly but is at the same time easy and comfortable. Some of the specs for this car worth nothing are, it stores up to 77 kWh of energy and that will last up to 520 km (WLTP). These batteries are located  below the passenger compartment, that would mean a low center of gravity for the automobile.  The electric drive motor is situated at the rear axle, and it generates 150 kW (204 PS) that is enough to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 8.5 seconds and will deliver a top speed of 160 km/h. It will perform will in gentle off road terrain due to the rear-wheel drive’s strong grip and its 21 centimetres of ground clearance.

Coming to the exteriors of this newly launched ID.4, it has athletic proportions and gives off a ultra modern look. The design is inspired by nature and is guaranteed good aerodynamic. The basic version of ID.4 will have headlights that are equipped with LED as well as the tail lights.  The  top of the range model will have these interactive IQ.Light LED matrix headlights that encourage the: drivers with swiveling lens modules and will produce an intelligently controlled main beam and are also paired with the new 3D LED tail light clusters. Their tail light is homogenous and will lights up in an intensive red. The large wheels with a diameter of up to 21 inches underline the vehicle’s character.

The length of the ID.4 is of 4.84 meters and it will use Volkswagen’s modular electric drive matrix (MEB) architecture. This new SUV divides the space for occupants and technology  in favour of the passengers and has interior space comparable to SUVs in the next upper category. The boot space  has the capacity of 543 to 1575 liters and will include a electrically driven boot lid, roof railing and a towing bracket.

ID.4 comes with a two display one that diagonally measures up to 12 inches and will have touch functionality as well as Hello ID as natural voice control.  The new IQ.Drive assist systems will make driving a relaxed experience especially for travel assist. The software and hardware in the ID.4 have been designed as part of a completely new architecture and will make it possible for new updates to be downloaded post purchase.

Along with the launch of ID.4, Volkswagen is also launching “We Charge”, a complete package for convenient, connected and sustainable charging of electric cars. It will take 30 minutes for the ID.4 can be recharged with direct current to cover the next 320 km (as per WLTP, at 125 kW) at a DC quick-charging station. Volkswagen is also establishing an ecosystem for the electric vehicle making the foray in the electrical SUV segment a long term plan. With ID.4, customers get an automobile that is a carbon-neutral balance and if it is charged using sustainably produced electricity as with Volkswagen Naturstrom, it will remain carbon-neutral on the road too. Sustainability at its finest with the performance to die for.

Alokita Sharma

Alokita Sharma

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