After fulfilling the first batch units, T-Roc was discontinued in India. But Volkswagen has decided to bring it again in 2021 after tremendous response for T-Roc. Car has been listed on the company’s website, online bookings are open and official sales will start soon.

Strong, striking and sporty, the The T-Roc 2021 exudes character and confidence. It’s is an SUV that’s as confident as you are. With bold design crafted into every feature and packed with advanced technology, The T-Roc 2021 is engineered to for a confident you.

The T-Roc 2021 comes equipped with intelligent – Active Cylinder Technology (ACT) that senses the driving pattern and accordingly activates or deactivates 2 cylinders out of 4 resulting in reduced fuel consumption. The switch happens faster than a blink of the eye. Push the pedal and enjoy a driving experience like never before. The 7-Speed DSG allows smooth shifts, ensuring comfortable drives and a superior driving experience.

Panoramic sunroof adds a new dimension of light and lets you carry a piece of the sky with you, wherever you go.

Dynamically designed the LED headlamps and tail lamps are distinctive and enhance the sporty design, giving the car a strong road presence.

Its eye-catching alloy wheels give The T-Roc 2021 design a distinctive look. The 2-zone Climatronic air conditioning system allows you to have two individual temperature settings within the car whilst travelling. The highest quality materials combine with ergonomic styling to bring you leather seats that are both comfortable and luxurious.

A country that’s on-the-go deserves a car that can keep up. And that’s why The T-Roc 2021 comes with a touchscreen Infotainment System which allows you to make calls, view messages and play your favourite tunes, all at the touch of a button. Connect your Android or Apple device with ease with App Connect in the Infotainment System. This opens up many more possibilities to experience your entertainment and applications, the way you want. The T-Roc 2021 is truly an SUV of the future. It features the Active Info Display that provides all the data you need and lets you customise your information.

Specs remain the same –
  • Engine: 1.5 L TSI EVO with ACT
  • Transmission: 7-speed Automatic DSG
  • Power: 150 PS (110) @ 5000 – 6000rpm
  • Torque: 250 Nm @1500 – 3500rpm

Top safety features –

  • 6 airbags
    Safety comes first, always
    Equipped with 6 airbags, The T-Roc 2021 is built to keep you safe and ensure you drive confidently.

  • ABS, ESC
    Safety, above all
    With Anti-lock braking System (ABS) and Electronic Stability Control (ESC), have your journeys without worrying for your safety.

  • Tyre pressure monitoring system
    An eye out for safety, always
    The tyre pressure monitoring system will warn you if your tyres are under or over inflated, helping increase your fuel economy and even potentially preventing a tyre blowout.