It started quite late in the pick-up class and yet the first-generation VW Amarok, one of the most successful representatives of its kind, has now reached the end of its construction period, at least in Europe. After all, it has been a full ten years since its introduction in 2010. With its car-like touch, the model not only pleases as a commercial vehicle, but also increasingly appeals to leisure-oriented private customers who can also be enthusiastic about customization – as this example proves, which sits on a set of high-quality Barracuda Racing Wheels.

Project X light alloy rims from the Barracuda Ultralight Series were screwed onto the axles of the Wolfsburg pick-up, staged in the pictures together with model and Barracuda brand ambassador Sabrina Doberstein. Thanks to their production using the modern flow forming process, they are relatively lightweight despite their lush dimensions of 10×22 inches: They only weigh 16.3 kilograms each. The mounted Michelin tires measure 275 / 40R22. With their black finish including brushed areas on their unusual X-spokes, the wheels optically match the paintwork of the body in the Volkswagen special color indium gray matt.