A second-hand Mini Hatch aka Mini Cooper from 2014 has been put for sale by its second owner in Pitampura, Delhi. This is a great opportunity for customers looking to add a dependable Mini to their garage without breaking the bank on an entirely new model. The car is in good condition and an earnest bargain for the price range offered.

The used 2014 Mini Cooper D 5 Door recently made a third-time comeback to the market, this time on OLX through its second owner from Delhi. The 5 door hatchback’s trip odometer indicates a total of 64,000 kilometres covered on the road. Vehicle’s condition is impressive and non-accidental considering the amount of distance it has covered, and the owner guarantees no additional customisation or servicing requirement in the model.

The luxury hatchback still sports all original equipment as it had at the start – everywhere from the front to the rear bumper. Finished in a remarkable metallic electric blue shade, the 5 seater Mini also boasts its car maker’s signature dual stripes in black- adorning the front bonnet as well as the door at the rear. The used Cooper 5 Door D compact hatchback has been priced at INR 11.99 lakhs by the owner and also comes with a comprehensive type insurance scheme. The certified vehicle has been registered in Delhi and the transfer of registration will take place upon the completion of purchase. The petrol run Mini Cooper comes with its original 1.5 L engine that gives out 114 bhp @ 4000 rpm and 270 Nm @ 1750 rpm and is coupled with a 6-speed automatic transmission.

The 2014 D 5 Door has been discontinued by the British luxury automaker and an opportunity for buying a model is entirely dependent on whether the owner wants to sell it or not. This of course makes the out-of-production car a unique buy. The last recorded ex-showroom price of a D 5 Door petrol variant was INR 33.20 lakhs while the used ‘for sale’ model comes at less than half the original price. Similarly, the on-road price of a brand new Mini Cooper averages around INR 40 lakhs and climbs up to INR 50 lakhs. If you’re looking for a brand new vehicle, some alternatives to the INR 11.99 lakhs Mini are Hyundai i20, Honda Jazz, Maruti Suzuki Baleno, Tata Altroz and Toyota Glanza.

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Aayushi Primta

Aayushi Primta

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