Wolfsburg/Berlin – E-mobility is the agile gfad for car makers worldwide. Last Saturday, Volkswagen along side the intervention platform Uber, launched a trial for the employment of electrical vehicles among the property ride hailing service “Uber Green”.

Within the framework of a virtual event, Uber car rental partners apprised themselves regarding the background and prospects of the cooperation. With the e-Golf, they currently have a domestically zero-emission different version from the Volkswagen model portfolio obtainable in Berlin. The objective of the trial is to use variety of year-old e-Golf vehicles which can run into 3 digits.  Volkswagen has already been using the e-Golf with success for its own automobile sharing service We Share since 2018.

Holger B. Santel, Head of Sales and Marketing Germany for the Volkswagen Passenger Car brand, said: “Through our cooperation with Uber, we are helping improve air quality in urban areas with our locally carbon-neutral electric vehicles. In addition, with the demanding continuous operation of battery-electric vehicles in a ride hailing service, we will gain valuable experience which we will be able to use for future vehicles.”

Christoph Weigler, General Manager Uber DACH, added: “We are pleased to have gained Volkswagen, one of the world’s leading drivers for e-mobility, as a partner for our intermediation platform. Electric vehicles from Volkswagen are a perfect match for our sustainable “Uber Green” concept. This cooperation offers our hire car partners an economically attractive possibility of switching to zero-emission drive systems at short notice. In addition, our experience shows that people are considerably more open to the topic of e-mobility after their first ride in an all-electric vehicle.”

As a part of its e-offensive, Volkswagen plans to supply electrical cars to major vehicle segments by 2022. Volkswagen aims to become the globe market leader in e-quality within the coming years and is financing 33 billion euros group-wide by 2024, 11 billion of which can be endowed by the Volkswagen group alone.

The Volkswagen group expects to supply 1.5 million e-cars in 2025. In September, Uber proclaimed that it intends to evolve into a zero-emission quality platform by 2040, with 100% of the rides offered users zero-emission vehicles, transport or micro-mobility offerings.  Volkswagen is shaping ahead systematically with the development of automobile production. E- quality, sensible quality and also the digital transformation are the key strategic topics for the longer term.

Kanishka Gupta

Kanishka Gupta

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