Have you ever wondered how it would feel to drive along the snowclad peaks and shores of a small island nation like Iceland? MINI offers a full-circle ride along Iceland’s winding roads to tourists who want to experience an exclusive adventure in its S Countryman ALL4. The ride covers Ring Road 1 that has fjords and volcanoes, and everything in between.

A tourist destination like Iceland is on the bucket list of every backpacker who wishes to see with their own eyes the enthralling natural beauty of this island state. Connected to rest of the world and mainly Europe through a weekly ferry, tourists have to be on their toes about covering the entire landscape while keeping track of their next ferry back to Europe. This is why many vacationers choose to have a personal vehicle at their disposal, which would not only make travels to the farthest reaches of this island accessible but also keeps everyone ahead of schedule.

One such vehicle that claims to be a perfect option to drive around Iceland’s roads and countryside is the MINI Cooper S Countryman ALL4. Equipped with a powerful 131 kW/ 178 hp 4-cylinder petrol engine and a max luggage capacity of 1,390 litres, this car accommodates five people in a single seating, making it an optimal option for long getaways. Tourists can enjoy the warm and cold contrast of volcanic mountains and snow-covered peaks as they travel on the Ring Road 1, which runs along the nation’s complete coastline.

Even though it is advised to discover Iceland through a road trip, it must be noted that the road network here could be a lot better. Roads in mountainous and interior areas are unpaved and laden with rough gravel. It is more than necessary to choose a four wheel drive vehicle for added support and stability on such roads- like the ALL4 system this car has been fitted with. Once the journey begins, adventurers get to see the famous fjords that attract people from all over the world; however, that is not all. The road trip also features the biggest glacier in Europe- the Vatnajökull and alien-looking terrain created by the lava rocks from many active volcanoes.

It goes without saying that the trips to such areas would not be possible in any regular vehicle and would require a robust travel companion that has specifically been designed to deal with these conditions. MINI’s S Countryman ALL4 ensures that the trip to explore all of Iceland’s geography from its Golden Ring to Dettifoss waterfall is not only easy but also safe. As you drive along the volcanoes and coastline of this island, you would chance upon some of the greatest natural spectacles in this world- be it the geothermal water caves or fishing ports and natural pools of warm water.

The 16.5 centimetre ground clearance of this vehicle is well suited for the rocky roads leading up to glaciers, volcanic areas and far reaches of the countryside. Tourists that chose the MINI Cooper S Countryman ALL4 will head on to their next destination with utter satisfaction, having gained a hands-on experience road tripping through this small yet beautiful nation.

Aayushi Primta

Aayushi Primta

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