In its latest drop, Toyota has enhanced its customer favourite pick-up truck – the New Hilux, to support all-around performance and leisure. The changed front design makes it more eye-catching while the chassis and engine increase its strength and control.

Supporting latest equipment and boosted bodywork, Toyota’s famous pick-up offers better performance on-road and off-road, as well as a prominent new front style with added cosiness. Catering to Europe’s growing demand for double utility vehicles in both professional and casual use, new Hilux is a combination of effortless styling and added power, forming the classic Quality, Durability and Reliability (QDR) blend. Gaining huge acclamation after journeying to the North Pole, Icelandic volcanoes and the continent of Antarctica, and accomplishing podium finishes during the Dakar Rally of 2019; this pick-up has stayed true to its promise of power and performance. All the Hilux four-wheel drive types have been accommodated with new dimensions and amplified towing capability of 3.5 tonnes. Its 2.8 litre, 204 DIN hp 500Nm is a best-in-class engine used to reinforce the whole powertrain and delivers comfort and amenity to its customers.

The powertrain is also available in multiple customizable options of single, double and extra cab styles, paired with 6-speed manual transmission and a choice between two or four wheel drive. Its Euro 6d-compliant, DOHC, 16 valve, 2755 cc diesel engine gives 150 kW (201 HP) of power and boost the vehicle from 0 to 100 km/h in only 10.7 seconds. Features like rail fuel injection system, water-cooled intercooler, Diesel Oxidisation Catalyst (DOC) and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) have been installed to make the most of power yield and energy efficiency. To maximise its supercharged air capacity, a freshly-developed durable turbocharger, and larger impeller and turbo wheels have also been added to the mix. New ball bearings and a nozzle vane apparatus assist the turbocharger in performing to the max. Many other measures have also been taken to further stretch its fuel economy, like the electronic rail injection system, optimised combustion chamber and dual-level oil pump. Hilux’s 2.4 litre diesel engine accelerates the vehicle from 0 to 100 km/h in 12.8 seconds and offers some of the features of its 2.8 litre counterpart. The pick-up has also been adjusted for both on-road and off-road driving situations. Known for its off-road abilities, it is also an optimal vehicle to comfortably drive on paved roads, courtesy of its suspension and power steering.

Keeping true to its standard of body-on-frame architecture, it can withstand the most extreme off-road conditions with a new electric function developed to expand traction on less grip planes. For the on-road conditions of paved freeways, the comfort and ambience offered by this vehicle have been placed at the top. Therefore, features like a state-of-the-art leaf spring design and a self-lubricating rubber have been appointed to ensure smoother ride and no bodily impact from the outside. A new 8 inch infotainment system combined with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto offer entertainment along with increased connectivity between the car and its passengers. The Hilux also comes in an invincible grade model, designed exclusively for people who seek both leisure and adventure. To live up to its standard, many exterior enhancements like a 3D grille design, alloy wheels, trim accents and chrome in black add to the Invincible-exclusive style the vehicle is known for. Being a versatile pick-up, the new Hilux comes with more around 300 accessories and customizable details like deck covers etc. The vehicle is available for sale in Eastern and Western Europe from August and October respectively.

Aayushi Primta

Aayushi Primta

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