Toyota’s newest addition to its commercial vehicle line-up is the fully electrified ProAce Verso Electric van. This market release has been aimed at increasing Toyota’s presence in the electric commercial vehicle competition. This van offers all demands of today’s customers from zero emission commute to a standardised connective and safety system. Scheduled to launch sales from February 2021, customers can also place their orders in advance from November 2020.

A Toyota Professional commercial vehicle that charms businessmen and family groups equally, the new ProAce Verso Electric offers the power-packed output of a commercial people carrier combined with an environment friendly transportation system. Courtesy of its utility across a range of purposes, the van has already amassed a substantial and versatile clientele months before the first model has even been delivered.

Its models have been distinguished into four types- Combi, Shuttle, Family and VIP; thereby enabling Toyota clients to make a choice based on their specific level of needs. Its Compact, Medium and Long body lengths also assist customers in picking their favourite option. Delivering on its promise of being a multi-utility travel companion, this professional model has been developed to cater to all needs of a VIP travel setting, a shuttle transport or a vehicle meant for joint family getaways. It also comes with two performance options of 230 km and 330 km per full charge, powered by a 50 kWh and a 75 kWh lithium-ion battery respectively.

The vehicle has also been programmed to have a max velocity of 130 km/h. Being an electrically run professional transport does neither hinder its performance, nor its luggage capacity. Its flexible interiors that can be converted as per the seating or load space required speak for the vehicle’s capabilities. ProAce Verso Electric’s designing has developed a vehicle with a low centre of gravity, which means greater support and easier handling for the driver. As electric vehicles have gradually become more advanced their charging times have also lessened, the van has remained compliant with this rule and therefore has a 30 minute charging time for a 50 kWh battery, while the 75 kWh batteries take a total of 45 minutes to charge when connected to a 100 kW outlet.

The inside machinations that make this vehicle an optimal choice also include its driver and passenger assist features like Apple CarPlay plus Android Auto and display system for entertainment, and heated seats plus air conditioning etc. for comfort. It also has innovations like E-toggle and driving modes specifically designed to pair with the vehicle’s electric powertrain. When the whole family travels together, safety is one of the biggest worries of all. To quell such tensions, the ProAce has been equipped with the contemporary Toyota Safety Sense which covers all safety systems like Lane Departure Alert, Road Sign Assist etc.

Scheduled to first make an appearance in European homes from March 2021, Toyota’s ProAce Verso Electric is a commercial vehicle meant for those who want a capable versatile vehicle that offers heavy performance with a touch of sustainability.

Aayushi Primta

Aayushi Primta

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