The armored Toyota Camry XLE is the perfect armored daily driver, providing solid protection while remaining low-profile. It does not attract any unwanted attention and is an extremely reliable and economic security solution. The Camry can be armored to defeat up to 7.62 caliber ammunition. For clients looking for additional security while still remaining inconspicuous INKAS offers this model as an armored sedan.

The V6 gas engine with a 8-speed automatic transmission provides the power needed while still maintaining outstanding fuel economy. This Camry comes equipped with added features of navigation on a 6.1 inch touchscreen, Bluetooth, 10 speaker JBL speaker system, blind spot monitoring and rear view camera. Adding to all the included technology INKAS Armored Vehicle Manufacturing implements state-of-the-art OE-style curved ballistic glass as well as full perimeter, roof and floor armoring.

When looking for a low profile daily driver, the armored Toyota Camry offered by INKAS is the way to go.

Standard features –

  • Entire perimeter protection of the passenger compartment
  •  High quality multi-layer bullet resistant glass
  •  Protection for battery and electronic control module
  •  Reinforced door hinges and other critical structure points
  •  Reinforced suspension
  •  Runflat devices

Options –

  • Light-weight armoring package
  • Emergency lights system
  • Siren/PA/Intercom system
  • Fire suppression system
  • Heavy duty brake system and components
  • Heavy duty wheels