The Ford F-150 Pickup truck now comes with the newest engine in Ford’s arsenal, the 3.5L Powerboost Full hybrid and is the first operational fully hybrid powertrain on a pickup truck. Ford engineers designed the Powerboost to deliver 430 american horsepower and 570lbft torque for years upon years.

The Powerboost is the most powerful engine in the F150 lineup, to be capable of service to its customers for long years without hassles the engine is put through rigorous stress tests which are meant to examine its capability, like towing fully loaded trailers in very hot temperatures and tundra regions , salt baths and destructive roads. “To earn Built Ford Tough certification, PowerBoost went through the torture testing we put all of our powertrains through. No F-150 powertrain gets a pass, we have one standard for quality and durability.” said Craig Schmatz, chief engineer for Ford F150.

The Hybrid component, the 1.5KWh battery was put on a special test, a multi-axis hydraulic actuation machine which put the car through massive jolts and rolls. Tests meant to signify the harshest of road or off-road conditions meant to deter a normal car, enough that 82 hours of testing was equivalent to 10 years of wear and tear in a normal F150’s life.The modular hybrid transmission allows the battery to use Pro Power mode to deliver 2.4Kw standard exportable power, an astonishing 18 times more than the competitions.

PowerBoost engined trucks were sent over and around the Davis Dam in Mojave desert, a 11.4 mile long slope that has a gradient of 6% all the way up to 3500 feet. The trucks were loaded to 12,700 pounds of maximum towing capacity and climbed over and down the harsh obstacle again and again to demonstrate the engines durability along with the standard of other critical systems on board.

The silver creek test course in Michigan was used to prove the suspension quality, long stretches of pot-holed and grooved roads and metal-edged chunkholes. It is not possible for humans to drive in that kind of punishment for long therefore robots were used instead, driving the fully loaded with 2,120 pounds at the back, the engine performed flawlessly and did hundreds of laps of the course.

The extreme tests did not end there as the engineers went to Anza-Borrego in California, to tackle sandy dunes, slippery rocks, high speed trails and mud walls to ensure that the car worked along with its hybrid system under extreme stress of power and temperature. The F150 is made at Dearborn Truck Plant in Michigan and Kansas city Plant in Missouri and will be reaching customers by fall.

Anagh Bhaskar

Anagh Bhaskar

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