When it comes to customizing the interior of a Bentley, there is an unlimited array of options available.  However, now the British automaker is taking it to the next level with the addition of a new stone veneer option.  For this purpose, the brand is extending the choice of interior trim materials, hence, becoming even more assorted and renovated.

The ultra-luxury car market has been pushing more customization in order to produce buyers the most different yet unique products viable.  The latest motility appears from Bentley and its Mulliner team, which has offered some unique interior to the existent line of gloss wood.  Now customers with the means can achieve their Bentley interiors in open-pore wood, aluminum, carbon texture, color-matched paint, and even natural stone finish.

New technology allows Bentley’s Mulliner team to design lightweight stone veneers that are just 0.1mm thick and highlights a natural ‘open pore’  that is unlike anything you’ve seen in an extravagance vehicle.  The stone is sustainably sourced from hand-selected mines in India, where stones are preferred from larger pieces and rectified in a bespoke resin.  These stone items are then molded and hand-finished by Mulliner, who endeavor the stone in Terra Red, Autumn White, Copper, Galaxy.

The carbon fiber is moderately outspoken among others since its gloss carbon fiber.  However, Bentley claims that the resin it applies; highlight the weave of the carbon.  Additionally, the aluminum is also reasonably straightforward, featuring a three-dimensional form reflecting the grille of the car.  The diamond brushing is intended to indicate the dimension of the panels.  Interestingly, this option is independent of the Bentayga only.  The Option of colored trim provides the owners with the utmost variety in choice since they can go for any of Bentley’s 88 surface colors such as Cumbrian Green, Beluga Black, Imperial Blue, Cricket Ball Red, Burnt Oak Brown, Damson Beige, or have the panels harmonized to the interior skin.

Even for the first time, new High-tech interior trim options are available.  We have High-gloss carbon fiber inserts supplant veneered components to produce a contemporary, tech-driven look for the customer who prefers to go with the sporty interior.  Thanks to the optical polymerization mean due to which the carbon fibers emerge to look even bulkier.  The carbon fiber details envelop into a perfect geometric cover that extends from door to door.

Exclusive to the latest Bentayga, there is an optional dark diamond-ribbed inside trim with a smoothed aluminum effect.  This cultured finish, suggestive of the Bentley matrix grille, highlights a sophisticated reversing aluminum polishing technique for a modernized 3D impact.  Invoking the Bentley matrix grille design, this beautiful finish is delivered via an elaborate process that produces a contemporaneous three-dimensional impression.

Therefore, hands ensuring an exceptional adhesion of the varnish to natural uniqueness craft everything.  As a result, the coating renews the natural texture of the wood.  This gentle technique will give Bentley buyers the unimaginable desire of impressing real wood. All wood veneers are somewhat varied in color and feel to produce a reliably unique piece of artistic interior.

Siddhika Prajapati

Siddhika Prajapati

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