Krishna Shroff just set the internet on fire with her latest Instagram post in which she is seen giving a tough sexy look with Hummer H3.  And it is a big hit among her friends and followers who all showered Krishna with compliments.

If you think you are banging on with your preparations for the New Year with much swag, you need to hold on and check out Krishna Shroff’s latest Instagram post.  The internet sensation is truly raising the heat during this winter as she poses in a lime white short cut sleeve top with red florals on it while complementing it with a red-white plazo.  With her hair set loose and minimal makeup, she also shows off her deftly done tattoo.  “They think I’m associated, I’m the one who orchestrated,” she wrote.  Although the location is undisclosed, it looks pretty.

Apart from flaunting her perfect and glossy skin, the close-ups of her two posts compliment her perfectly with her Hummer H3.  Talking more about the tough Hummer H3, which is an off-road car produced from 2005 to 2010 by General Motors.  It was only in the 1980s that AM General bring out a civilian version of Hummer.  Amazingly, the idea came after the legendary actor Arnold Schwarzenegger insisted that AM General should make a private model when he saw a military guard while filming for one of his films.

Being the best combination of the beauty and beast, the H3 is a mid-size SUV, the smallest of all made until now and the only one to be produced by General Motors.  As a four-wheel drive system, it is also equipped with safety features like Electronic Stability Control, brake-controlled traction control, and much more. Today Hummer has got a whole new avatar in a electric version by GMC, called the GMC Hummer EV and it will reach the markets on 2022.

Hummer cars are everyone’s favorite and it is quite famous in the Indian market of cars as well.  It is Like Nothing Else, which can be called a miracle that appears once in many years.  In addition, when it comes to owning a Hummer, it has been every person’s dream.  Therefore, if you think that money cannot buy happiness, but little you must know that it can surely buy enough to guarantee you luxury and pleasure life.  This you can very well see in Krishna Shroff’s looks.

However, not an enthusiastic user of other social media sites, Shroff is quite popular for her active presence on Instagram.  The only daughter of famous Bollywood actor Jackie Shroff, Krishna Shroff works as a documentary maker and basketball coach.  While, her only brother, Tiger Shroff, is a famous Bollywood actor who was last seen in War with Hrithik Roshan.

Tattoos? Oh well!


Flexing with her brother, Tiger

Mother, son and daughter

Fitness in the blood of Shroffs

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