If money is not a thing, it is reasonable to say a Range Rover is one of the vehicles on your shopping listing. Especially like this one which even our currently trending showbiz sensation Shehnaz Gill could not stop from glamorizing in her Punjabi video song Range.

Bigg Boss 13 fame Shehnaz Kaur Gill is a popular name in the Punjabi music industry and now this “Punjab Ki Katrina Kaif” has created a strong lovable fan base all over the world as well. She has given many peppy songs to the Punjabi music industry, of which Range is one. Besides giving her voice to this track, she has also featured in the video as well. The upbeat track also is penned by Satti, which also stars Robbey Singh, while featuring the essence of a high-luxury sporty SUV. It is a fashionable song full of swag with some English words in it as well.

She is an Indian actor, model, and singer, who is currently ruling the hearts of many. Moreover, if you are one of her die-hard fans, then you might be in love with her voice as well. Remember how glamourous she looked in her music video- ‘Range’ while shining in a Range Rover.  And almost eight years after its debut, the look of the car is still magnificent. Unapologetically squared-form, with some professional-looking graphic factors that have kept it pure and fresh. Inexplicably for a vehicle like this, you are required to shell out the cost of INR 1.97 Crore.

Well, for your knowledge, the Range Rover is a British luxury SUV produced by Land Rover and is the fourth generation of the Range Rover group. It holds a wide range of premium tech features that includes a four-wheel drive with a 50/50 torque split, terrain response technology, etc. There are plenty of storage alternatives, with a decent-sized center bin, pockets in the doors, and much more. The headline for this SUV is its powertrain and the idea is the electric motor engine work in seamless unison together to run all four wheels.

Just as the bubbly girl, who is also known as Sana, fans love her chemistry with the way she flaunts the Rover in the song Range, which has crossed about 50 million views on YouTube.

Well, in the last six months, Sana has dropped down 12 kgs leaving everyone super startled. She looks entirely different and beautiful in her recent posts on her social media. Speaking about her secret to dropping 12 kgs, she shared that she just chopped off her non-veg food consumption, junk food such as chocolates and ice cream. The actor cum singer was 67 kgs earlier, and currently, she is 55 kgs and looks fab.


Siddhika Prajapati

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