One of the most prestigious Porsche sports car collections in the world, displayed at the Yas Marina circuit of Abu Dhabi was recently visited by writer and photographer Zaid Hamid. Recounting his experience at the circuit, he talks about the array of colourful and powerful sports cars that awed him as they zoomed past.

Marvelling at the extent and influence of social media on our everyday lives, Zaid Hamid recalls that it was through an Instagram post that he first came across the Porsche enthusiasts club. Of course, any automobile junkie would be ecstatic on having made such a discovery itself but even Hamid could not have foretold how this chance happening would unfold in the future. It was through this event that he got invited by Mohammed Seyfi (a founding member of the Porsche GT Club UAE) himself to visit the F1 track in Abu Dhabi.

Standing in the circuit, he felt as if he was at Porsche’s home in Germany even though he wasn’t. As he eyed all the beautiful cars that had been lined up in front of him, he realised that even the HQ at Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen did not have such a vast collection of Porsche models. His trip from England to Abu Dhabi could not have borne a sweeter fruit than it did on the day he made contact with a group of enthusiastic individuals who shared the same interests as him.

The club is a melting pot of all cultures and car aficionados from all around the world where they relive their driving experiences over snacks, drinks and by racing down the track. The distinguished writer was also quick to share that the club is not bound by any international of regional identities, except the fact that everyone who gathers there is a Porsche fan- a testament to the universality of this brand. Making the best use of two world-class circuits located close to them, the club members leave no opportunity to rev their engines and spend their day on the track.

The Dubai Autodrome and Abu Dhabi’s Yas Marina frequently host such track days for the club as its members try to unlock the full potential of their own Porsche vehicles. Among all the iconic cars like a 918 Spyder or a Carrera GT that feature these days, there is a unique group of cars that are particularly eye-catching. These are the Paint To Sample (PTS) cars painted in a variety of dazzling shades. The colour palette is extensive and has models finished in British Racing and Signal greens and many more. A ‘Special Wishes’ car from Porsche Exclusive Manfaktur also caught Zaid’s attention, it was the 991 GT2 RS- finished in a stunning Gemini Blue on the outside and blue leather and matching tartan seat inserts on the inside, owned by a club co-founder Al Munaiei.

Apart from this, Mohammed Seyfi’s PTS Golf Blue GT3 was dubbed to be ‘one of the smartest looking examples of a 911 GT3 anywhere in the world’ by Hamid. Enjoying the speedy yet serene vibe of the circuit and the beautiful Porsche cars present there, Zaid Hamid witnessed not only the inner workings of an extremely exclusive car club but was also fortunate enough to understand the universal language spoken by a globally-renowned car brand.

Aayushi Primta

Aayushi Primta

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