In Copenhagen, Hyundai Motorsport and the Veloster N ETCR will race as part of the Pure ETCR Series beginning in 2021 in the amalgamation with the championship launch.  The Korean manufacture is now considered the third brand to proclaim their participation in Pure ETCR and the Veloster N ETCR will go hand-in-hand.  While the Veloster N ETCR, being the high point of the series’ in the city of Danish, mainly aims to be the World’s first carbon-neutral capital across the world.

As the only car built, the main test driver Augusto Farfus taking to the stage- The Veloster N ETCR in front of the City Hall with VIPs and journalists.  The event also saw Hyundai Motorsport formally obligating to the racing series when it commences in 2021. Veloster N ETCR experiences this latest milestone where the sophisticated engineers of Hyundai Motorsport have steadily risen to meet the technical encounters and issues that occurred by the team’s first electric race car.

the team continued to improve the car throughout 2020 mainly concentrating on precise components before shifting their courtesy to performance After the commencement of the test with a prototype design of September last year.  Following the incorporation of the series’ battery kit at Williams Innovative Engineering last month, the Veloster N TCR developed to be the first real ETCR car.

The specifically designed battery will deliver the 500kw (680hp) of power, which is essential for the close, ultra-high-performance racing that will be part of each Pure ETCR weekend.  Produced by Bright Loop, each ETCR car will also consist of motors, inverters, and a gearbox from Magelec Propulsion and DC-DC converters.

Meanwhile, The focus of the project now seizures to testing with this technology to achieve the required experience and excerpt the maximum enactment from the entire car to contend for the conquest when racing initiates in the next year.  With the drivers, continuing through to the Final with the champion crowned as the King or Queen of the weekend, Each Pure ETCR show will also feature short, shrill knock-out Battle contests with cars running flat out.

Further Speaking on the conquest of the new launch, Hyundai Motorsport Team Principal Andrea Adamo explains, “I’m very proud of Hyundai Motorsport being one of the first manufacturers to rise to the challenge presented by the ETCR category and Pure ETCR.  The evening in Copenhagen was a great event, not only for the series but for us as one of the first manufacturers of a full Pure ETCR-spec car.”

“The Veloster N ETCR project was a big technical challenge for us as a company with the new technology, but the performance we have had in testing with the prototype car shows the capabilities we have.  I am looking forward to seeing the car racing in Pure ETCR.  Everything about the design of the car, and the technology involved is intended for high- performance, and concept for the race weekend format should definitely provide some exciting action when the competitive weekends begin next year, he adds.”

Siddhika Prajapati

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