Are you an 80s or a 90s kid? Regarded as the first muscle car of India, you might be then familiar with The Hindustan Contessa, for sure! It is not very tough to come across a well-preserved model of the Contessa even now. It is in fact quite a favorite vehicle among car enthusiasts and it was something that turned into something quite spectacular.

Once upon a time, a fairly modern wheel of its time that established luxury in that era, the Contessa was delivered between 1984 and 2002 in India. It was also known for being one of the fastest cars of its time. Most of us must have learned about the revised version of Contessas or watched similar videos, but the original vehicle was quite diverse. We would say that it was somewhat based on the 1976 series car of Vauxhall VX, which is the reason why it looked so distinct from the other wheels on sale in India at that period. There are several tastefully restored Contessa for sale at Mitula and Droom.

There was, there is, nothing like that after being Ambassador for years, Hindustan Motors ached to attempt something more premium, and thus the Contessa was born. Back in the day, it had characteristics such as power steering, power windows, and air conditioning. Powered by a 1.8-liter petrol engine when the Contessa challenged the likes of the Premier 118 NE and the Standard 2000, but it was leading both of them, and it is truly appreciated as the classic muscle car of India.

The Contessa was highly valued for its great quality and capacious interiors; it had not always been kenned for its performance. As you see, the early Contessas were powered by a 1.5L BMC engine that gave 50 hp before Hindustan Motors set towards the Isuzu motor for its later iterations. However, the Contessa was a whole new vision after it earned the Isuzu heart, which offered 88 hp. With a maximum speed of 160 kph, it sure was the fastest considering the time it applied to. The 1.8L four-cylinder Isuzu engine had fuel injection and even was water-cooled.

The headline feature are its exterior design as it looked impressive and had a touch of muscle element in it. The straight smooth lines formed a design that seems oh-so-brute even to this day. The car came with a rectangular headlight as well as a twin-pod round headlamp choice. It had a large space of about 600 liters, which is actually comprehensive even by new standards.

This car came ticked all the boxes for the crowd as the company ran a prosperous 60 years in India with its muscle cars. And, perhaps, we wonder if the company think to launch them again, the vast amount of people will go crazy, considering its numerous fan following.

Meanwhile, despite being no longer available, the vehicle still endures a good value among car fans, and perfectly maintained models fetch decent moolah in the used car business. Thus, you can check the following mentioned link to shop for some used model of Hindustan Contessa, if you cannot wait for the re-launch!

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