BMW Motorsport is selling the M4 GT4’s with the exclusive designs to customer teams as well as enthusiasts, they have been designed as a result of an internal competition held by BMW group and feature striking disruptive geometry as well as cultural inspirations.

The BMW M4 has been updated for 2020 but the motorsport version, the GT4 is yet to arrive and the outgoing M4 GT4 models are still here for the competition. The German automaker has decided to send out these cars with exclusive designs from the company itself which are a result of a design competition held by the company to teams as well as car enthusiasts. The car has since 2018 raced in multiple competitions around the world and racked up a lot of praise for its performance. Customer teams have noted that the M car is very cost effective, has great mileage and very easy to maintain.

The first design is of Juila Quentin of BMW Motorrad (motorbike division) from Munich, called Fractal Duality. The design features majorly geometric shapes and the recurrence of the number ‘4’ throughout, in accordance to the M4. Cues from the motorbike world have been incorporated, by using graphics and patterns which accentuate the geometry of the car. The pattern has a very distinctive look and requires some focus on the observers part to fully recognise the angles and cresses of the car. “My work combines two of my greatest passions, namely motorcycling and designing motorbikes. The eye must first understand the pattern before it sees the shape of the vehicle at second glance.”, said Julia.

The design from Goodwood is from the Luxurious house of Rolls-Royce, by Simon Haynes who works in the coachbuilding design division of the British marque which is owned by BMW group. Named Vivid Momentum, the designer has paid tribute to the racing liveries of legendary 1970’s racing BMW’s. The concentric rings stretch from the front wheel to rear. The color of the car changes its shade, black at the front and red at the back, giving the car a look of forward bearing momentum. Being from Rolls-Royce and used to contemporary designs, Simon created a mix of BMW’s older designs and seamlessly integrated into the modern day racing car.

Former Mini designer  Wesselka Mandowa-Maier who now works at Designworks Studio in California has created the Power of Four, a design which has taken its inspiration from the name of the M4 GT4 itself and used the number 4 in a very unique style. Featuring an amalgamation of the M colors- Light and dark blue and red to create the abstract design. Each face of the vehicle features the number 4 in a different pattern to make the car look different from each angle. The car stands out by using the M colors in a new avatar and according to Wesselka, “The classic BMW M colours are vibrant and powerful and give the vehicle additional energy.”

The last design is called Fluid Power by Li Tianyuan of BMW i Design. The car is designed with a heavy reliance on cultural Chinese arts like calligraphy and painting, using the contrasting colors of black and white to embody the visual of ink on paper. The asymmetrical design also features two goldfish which in Chinese culture stand for singularity and happiness, while being symbols of powerful movement. There is also a touch of red which has been used to paint ‘4’ in a calligraphy inspired style which is also a symbol which stands for tolerance and openness. The exclusive designs are applied using high quality foil and the cars cost 174,000 Euros(INR 1.5 crore).

Anagh Bhaskar

Anagh Bhaskar

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