In Volkswagen’s latest compact e-SUV, ID.4 is set to be launched. The vehicle that is likely to be available for delvery by end of 2020, will be part of the growing market segment of compact SUV. It will not only be sold in Europe, but will make its way to China and then in USA.

This new compact SUV comes with whole new interior unmatched by any other automobile in its segment. As said by Klaus Zyciora, Head of Volkswagen Group Design, about the interiors and the remarkable formula, “freedom on the outside, free space on the inside.” He further explains the concept behind the new interiors as,  “the ID.4 brings a new sense of space to its category thanks to the new MEB platform, our modular electric drive matrix.”

The interiors boast of giving ample space and the pleasure of getting inside the car. Right from the door handles which are leveled against the body and have electronic door opening. Once you are inside the ID.4 with large door openings,   the high seating position, especially in the rear seat offers you  the same space as any traditional SUV in the next highest segment.

The front seats in the ID.4 are comfortable and at the same time sporty in look. These seats will come with multiple electrical options with giving the passenger pneumatic lumbar support and also have built in massage function. The boot space is as comparable to the rest of the SUV and is 543 liters when the rear seat is in upright position.

The exteriors and interiors are streamlined in a manner that both give a sense and actual space to the passengers and the design appears to be flowing and lightweight, making the eye of the passenger and beholder floating. The dash panel is designed independent of central console and  appears to be floating.  There is a tilting panoramic sunroof made of glass which is optional and gives you the clear view of the sky.

The interior of the new ID.4 1ST * and ID.4 1ST Max limited-edition models will be lead by refined colours called Platinum Grey and Flor-ence Brown. The steering wheel, steering column, the housings of the display and control panels of the doors in the automobile will also be coming in new and stylish Piano Black or purist Electric White. The bright colour of the new ID.4 set out a futuristic highlight the vehicle interior  and accentuate the design of the SUV.

This SUV is as much as for the day as for the night. During the night, the background lighting is adjustable within 30-color spectrum and will highlight the new interiors.  There is also strip of light present at the bottom of the windshield that will reflects various choices made by the driver about mode, unlock, lock et.  The Head of Volkswagen Group Design, Klaus Zyciora, puts further emphasis on the logical and matter of fact character  of the interiors with his words, “the intuitive operability of the ID.4 brings a new, electric ease to the crossover SUV category.” This ID.4 marks the interest and understanding of Volkswagen brand to the future of mobility that will be electric



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