It turns out that our own ‘The Rock’ – Dwayne Johnson, one of the most highest-paid Hollywood action actors, can’t get himself fit into a Porsche Taycan.  The Hollywood favorite posted this in an amusing post on Instagram where he could not get inside a car for a sequence for his upcoming Netflix film ‘Red Notice’.  So we won’t spend more time wasting with all that, so let’s break this one a little more quickly…

Have you ever queried why most people in America are particularly fond of big trucks?  Or have you ever thought why most European cars are not so famous in the States?  Well, it could concern about where they get adjust in really.  It appears out that ‘The Rock’ Johnson cannot fit into a Porsche Taycan. Surprised?

He is well known for his solid muscles, and preserve the day of two hours on celluloid.  What we are seeking to say that Johnson is one of the world’s highest-paid stars is not fond of driving electric cars, but the dilemma is “deeper” than that, as he cannot go inside the Porsche Taycan.

Johnson narrated the event in an Instagram post where he stated that the Porsche Taycan was welcome to be a part in a big hunt sequence.  It required months of development, high production expenses and even purchasing the electric supercar and sending it to the filming scene.  When it was time to shoot the picture, producer Rawson Marshall Thurber told Johnson to move inside the vehicle.  It was still a little more complex than just pushing into the seat as Johnson soon apprehends he “is a bit too wide.”

The Jumanji star is quite tall at six and a half feet and unfortunately, the Porsche Taycan was simply not constructed for him.  Nevertheless, the crew did devise and headed to get their required shots with creativity and examining some offbeat camera angles.  It is still safe to believe that Johnson was not prepared to do the car stunts himself in this film, as he might have needed to.

For the more enjoyable part, it will be exciting to see the Taycan on screen in an interesting chase sequence, which will be launching soon in mid of the next year in India.  Still, the Taycan is a compelling and excellent-looking product from Porsche and one that is made to stray too far from the conventional playbook.

Well, updating more about the film, Red Notice is currently in the stage of production and will be out on streaming in 2021.  This is Netflix’s most precious yet with a budget of $188 million (INR 13,871,749,200) and stars Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot. The film was formerly slated for release this year itself, however, the production was paused due to the pandemic, which has resumed from September of this year.

Siddhika Prajapati

Siddhika Prajapati

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